Too Bad For Christmas!

You can read this several ways; that Christmas, as a special Christian festival, has gone and in its place has come a re-packaged, glitzy secular product. Or you may read it as if you feel an annoyance with expressing joy at Jesus being born the Saviour of sinners – that’s too bad for Christmas; that sort of joy is not for me, the whole thing is a flop. Or, on the other hand, you might feel that a Saviour might not have much time for you – you are just too bad and beyond his interest.

Overcoming Fear in Doing God’s Will

Fear can be overcome. Even very fearful Christians can become brave. In my own experience of overcoming fear, I’ve found wisdom which I hope, dear reader, will help you to find victory in your walk with God.

Gift Giving and Receiving

Christmas is certainly a time of gift giving. We spent much of our time trying to think of the right gift and hoping that the recipient will like it.

Ten Things You Might Not Know About Christmas

Everyone is so familiar with the Christmas Story and associated traditions, yet I keep discovering new facts that are probably not as well-known as all that. Here are ten that I found interesting.

Check Your Hearing

If Believers today will learn to hear what Jesus truly said and is saying we will truly see the Kingdom of God displayed in power and might! Do we have hearing ears?

Why I Believe in the Virgin Birth of Jesus Christ

Imagine coming home one day and your wife tells you, “Honey, I’m pregnant. And you’re not the father.” That is exactly what happened 2,000 years ago when a man named Joseph had a conversation with a woman named Mary. They were legally married but the relationship had yet to be consummated. That’s how marriage worked back then. What we call “engaged”, they considered “married”. And during the engagement, or what the Bible calls “betrothal”, there was no physical intimacy.

The Prophecy of a Root in Dry Ground

The article offers a biblical prophecy that was written 700 years before the predicted events took place and was fulfilled in specific detail. The prophecy relates to Jesus, and the only quibble might be about the claim that “a root out of dry ground” points to Jesus’ virgin birth. The article argues the case for that view, which incidentally has been around for a long time. Other predictions in the passage quite clearly point to the life and work of Jesus. The article also discusses the claim that the subject of the passage is not Jesus, but Israel – and demonstrates that that position is quite untenable.

Jesus Came – And Still Comes!

Jesus’ birth isn’t really that long ago; maybe fifty generations. Not long really is it? There are many thousands of people today who have lived a full century. Take just twenty of them and combine their ages and you have 2,000 years. Jesus’ coming into this world is an old story with an ever-fresh wonder, for he is Immanuel, which means ‘God with us’. Did he come for you and me – will he still come today into your life and mine?

God and Evil

Theodicy in simple words is – an answer. An answer to the question “Why a good, omnipotent, omniscient and benevolent God would allow evil to occur?” The answer to this question has been attempted by people of all religions from their respective world-views and/or from a general standpoint defending the existence of God.

The War on Christmas and Merry Christmas

The War on Christmas and Merry Christmas. Merry Christmas!!Two words that for some raise blood pressure. Why?! What about Happy Hanukkah or Happy Ramadan! Do I get offended by those words? No! For Christians, Christmas is a day we celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

We Need Him, Emmanuel, Jesus, God With Us!

Do you know that the vast majority of mankind do not know that they are the beneficiary of a great inheritance? Yes! Sad to say, many of them have not come forward to make their claim! This sad state of affairs–ignoring your inheritance–could be the…

Retribution And Judgement By God In Changed Sex Through Reincarnation

Religions promote only what they consider is best for their bottom line. That is power and control of societies and where possible entire countries.

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