A Few Words on Harmonizing

God invented music to teach us – in a very physical way – a spiritual truth. Harmonized notes agree with each other, making for a pleasant-sounding result. As Amos 3:3 says, “Can two walk together, except they be agreed?” Jesus has done all the groundwork necessary to bring us back into perfect harmony with the Father!

5 Important Questions to Ask When Choosing a Church

When ever you’re seeking to locate a church you should really ask yourself five useful questions. 1. Is Jesus the Focal point?

Overcoming the Flesh Within

The world has named the flesh, the ego. I guess it doesn’t matter what we call it, but we should name it for what it is. It is that thing, impelled by fear, which drives us to achieve – goals, status, privilege, etc. When we are threatened by the competitive spirit of others it is our flesh that speaks through our annoyance. When we have lost power, authority, our dominions, our egos are crushed. There is loss and there is loss. To lose someone dear to us is different to losing power, authority, or control. Whenever we lose someone dear to us, or a marriage, or a career, we go down into an abyss of grief, according to the depth of our loss. But when we lose control in this world, with our egos shrieking, we rail against those things that have occurred. Rarely do we surrender within the moment humbly, meekly.

Why the Terrorists Will Never Win

Terrorists from different backgrounds have a lot in common, including a contradiction to the religion or ideology they apparently subscribe to. However, those who resist their efforts not only have common ground but also a moral stake. The following looks at two such cases.

Countdown to the End of the World: The Day of the Lord Hasteneth Greatly

In the countdown of end-time events in the works of the Minor Prophets, I find the references to the day of the Lord to be quite prominent. Among the books that you will find these references are Amos, Joel, and Zephaniah. Based on what I read from the different accounts, this will not be a particular 24-hour day; it will rather be a particular period of time leading up to the end of the world.

What Will Heaven Be Like?

What will the kingdom of heaven be like? What does the Bible say about the kingdom of heaven?

Osun Osogbo and Generational Curses (2)

That goddess at Osogbo called Osun belongs to the group of demonic principalities that the bible described as the “Things under the earth.” Yes, the word of God did not leave us in the dark concerning the hierarchy, residence, operations and the authorities of these operators of the kingdom of darkness. It begins from Satan, principalities, powers, rulers of darkness and so on. Here, they are categorized according to their powers and influence. And Osun belongs to the group of principalities. They are often territorial spirits and fallen angels of immense power and influence, controlling vast land or water. They always have choking control over the affairs of the people living in their territories.

Love Thy Neighbour

We are dependent upon others as others are dependent upon us. This is how God has made our societies to work. It is a model that relies upon love – the giving, one to another and back again through reciprocity, of what we would deem as necessary for ourselves in the same circumstances.

Why a Prophecy Course Is Most Important at This Point in Earth’s History

The end-time prophecies of the Bible are designed to inform us about events to take place just before the world comes to an end. In sending us these prophetic messages the Lord intends that we use them to help us in our preparation for end-time realities as it relates to our own personal safety as well as the preservation of our own souls for eternity. Unfortunately, many are treating Bible prophecy as nothing but information about events to transpire so far in the future that there is no need for urgency of preparation.

Countdown to the End of the World: The End-Time Mission of the False Prophets Exposed

Of all the servants of Satan the false prophets are the most subtle. This is due their uncanny ability to appear convincing while destroying the souls of their hearers. In the biblical countdown of end-of-the-world events in the writings of almost every prophet and apostle the warning against listening to falsehoods has always been given the emphasis it deserves.

End Time Prophecy Course: How Crucial Is It to Your Eternal Salvation?

Without fear of contradiction, a prophecy course on end-time events is far more important a branch of study than what you learn in college or in any institution of learning for that matter. After all, what you learn in school today is only for your temporal sustenance. But your knowledge of the Bible is a means of preparing you for eternity.

Your Money and God

God wants ten per cent of your money. Why? Does God need money? Why do I have to give Him my hard-earned cash? How would I give money to God? Read on…

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