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Miracle Healing in Christianity


Miracle Healing in Christianity

Christianity is a religion based on the life of Jesus of Nazareth. Its followers represent around 2.38 billion people worldwide.

The Bible contains several miracles. Healings were commonplace in the first century. However, some Christians believed that the healings were demonic. In the fourth century, the church grew rapidly. During this period, the number of converts climbed from five to thirty million.

During the Middle Ages, Christians feared that healing would be rare. Church leaders restricted prayer for the sick. They also believed that sickness was the work of the devil. During this time, harsh penances discouraged Christians from going to confession before dying.

Christians often believed that the body was a prison of the soul. These beliefs were a part of Neoplatonic ideas. Several Christians became missionaries and fanned out across the globe.

Jesus performed healings in a variety of circumstances. He healed leprosy, edema, and total blindness. He also performed exorcisms. Some Protestants reported having a “new birth” experience of forgiveness from sin.

Some believe that the church was founded on miracles. Others believe that the healings are counterfeit. Still others believe that they are a sign of God’s presence.

While miracles are part of the NT era, they are not the only test of God’s presence. There are several eschatological terms that Jesus uses to answer questions.

Healings were also given to saints. Saints had exceptional faith. As they were committed to God, they were often willing to sacrifice their physical health for spiritual practices.

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