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Is Religion at a Cross Roads – Which Way Will it Go?

We are about ready to find that there is life on the moon and on Mars, what does this do to religion? Well, that depends on a lot of issues doesn’t it, such as what type of life we find. After all, finding bacteria may not be considered life by many religions, although it most certainly is.

Election – What is This Biblical Doctrine? Is it Orthodox?

Election is a word describing the Orthodox doctrine that, as it pertains to the sovereignty of God, some men are elected to salvation and some are elected to damnation. Unlike Calvinism, Orthodoxy has never felt the necessity, because of a belief in this biblical concept, to deny the doctrine of the Free Will of Man.

Gnosticism – What Does it Teach? Is it Christian?

Having much in common with Greek mythology, they believed that the evil forces were concerned with material things. Therefore they concluded that the creator of the material universe had to be evil. This creator could not have been deity because a material creation was not only evil but indecent.

Hermeneutics – What Does This Academic Word Mean, and How Does it Relate to Study of the Bible?

While interpretation may be the simple, literal meaning of the word, it does not describe the hermeneutics of the world of religious scholarship. A much more complicated and exclusive system is being projected that includes, among other things, proper formal training, some systematic theological scheme that is described in academic terms and cannot be explained as simply what the Bible says to any given reader, interpretation in the light of modern times, a system of apologetics, and so on. Hermeneutics takes interpretation that is meaningful and is to be regarded seriously, out of the hands of the layman and puts it into the exclusive domain of the professional.

Moses’ Blessing, Help Judah

Moses was a beloved servant of our Lord. He was a humble man, and apparently felt he was not a very good speaker because he wanted God to let Aaron speak for him. And yet, Creator chose him above all other prophets and we know this because He met with Moses face to face.

Children’s Ministry Games That Encourage Creativity

Current events are a great starting point for children’s ministry games. Teachers should provide students with problems with unknown solutions, encouraging creativity in conflict resolution and incorporating Bible teachings into their everyday lives.

Children’s Mission Trips – Logistics to Lessons

Children’s mission trips begin with planning. Organizers, when deciding a location, should account for the age of their group, the logistics of transportation and meals, and how they can tie the work back into the lessons of the Bible.

The God of Second Chance

If you have sinned against God, what should be the best steps to take? Can a pastor who sinned be restored to ministry? Is God’s grace greater than the sins committed? Read about how one pastor found forgiveness and restoration. Learn to appreciate the grace and mercy of God by having the appropriate response of confession and repentance.

What Was Jesus’ Mission?

Jesus told us he was only sent unto the lost sheep of the House of Israel. His mission becomes obvious when we understand what transpired.

The Gospel of Matthew, Written to Whom?

The first basic rule of Bible study is to ask who this book was written to? That is what I shall endeavor to address in the Gospel of Matthew. If we are able to answer this question we will be able to keep everything in context.

Archangels Importance and Role Vary by Religious Faith

While the idea of a higher order of angels considered to be “Archangels” is consistent across the major religions, which angels constitute that group, their purpose and validity are widely varied depending on the religious faith. However, four archangels do emerge as the cardinal representatives of the Archangels.

God is Not in Charge

I mean no disrespect to God with the title. In fact, by the time you finish this article, I believe you will not only have more respect for God, but also increased confidence in Him as well. So let’s consider whether He is really in charge or not.

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