Sex, Drugs And Hillsong Scandal Continue Gummy Bear Christianity Exposed

Can the Dead Help the Living?

Are the Dead Alive Somewhere? The Bible explains in simple, easy-to-understand terms the condition of the dead. Note what Ecclesiastes 9:5 states: “The living are conscious that they will die; but as for the dead, they are conscious of nothing at all.”

The Crucified Life – Hating Our Own Life

Jesus calls us to do many things. In Luke 14:26 he says that we must hate our own life in order to be his disciple. What does this look like?

Prophets Are Not God’s PR Men – Evangelism is Not Cheerleading

Andy Warhol may have been slightly off when he said everyone is allowed their fifteen minutes of fame. Sometimes they are allowed a few years or even decades to ride a wave of popularity but even at that another dawn always breaks.

This Religious Leader is About to Learn One of the Most Important Lessons Any Leader Can Ever Learn

When Jesus looks at a man and when he moves around and among men, and when He sees a faith that is real and deep and which has that desire and longing to grow and mature, Jesus will be prepared to share and reveal many things to that man. There was a man in Jerusalem who wanted to go further and he is called Nicodemus. He wanted what Jesus could give. He had a thirst for that which was spiritually real. He would have had everything all neatly worked out and then Jesus Christ came along.

Helpful Divisions

False beliefs “must be” in the churches, according to Paul. God’s purpose is unalterable, and since there were false prophets during Old Testament times, it must be expected that false teachers would arise in the Christian churches. Satan is always busy sowing the seeds and tares of false doctrine.

Holiday Bible Club Ideas – Tips For Getting it Right

It’s that time of year that the kids’ leaders of our churches are starting to think that it was high time to sort out the holiday club in church for Easter. Or summer if they are well planned! Follow these tips to get on the right road.

This Conversation is Worthy of Serious Study So That We Might Understand Its Profound Significance

In the New Testament book of John, we have an amazing account of this very personal conversation between Nicodemus and Jesus Christ, the Son of God. Nicodemus wants something of what Jesus has. Nicodemus, I am going to explain everything to you very simply. I am so very glad that Jesus Christ always takes time to explain everything so very clearly and simply. Bring your questions to Him and expect a reply and an answer. Nicodemus came to Jesus in all kinds of darkness, but the light and love of Jesus Christ broke through, when he looked at the cross, the Saviour on a pole, the Saviour hung up on a tree. If you have not been born again there will come a day when you will wish you had never been born.

How to Prove the Existence of God

If you are a Christian, then there has been a time when you have been frustrated trying to prove that God does indeed exist to someone who doesn’t believe it. Even presenting solid evidence and historical examples does nothing to convince the gainsayer. Fact does not equal truth. Two people can take the same fact and declare different truths. For example, the atheist will point to the fossil record as evidence of evolution. And a knowledgeable Christian will also point to the same record as evidence of creation and the existence of God. Take the same fact and you get different truths.

The Light of Jesus Christ Reveals and Exposes Religious Sins Operating in the Jerusalem Temple

Immediately following the account about that miracle at the Wedding where Jesus Christ turned water into wine, we read of Jesus going up to Jerusalem for the Feast of the Passover. It would be late March or early April, and millions of Jews, from all over the Middle East, would go up to the House of God in Jerusalem, for a week of worshipping God, and remembering what the living God had done when he delivered Israel out of slavery and bondage in Egypt.

The Dangers of Following Your Own Heart

I’m going to venture into a very controversial topic. We teach that following your own heart is how you determine right from wrong. But is that really the case? Following our feelings can be deceptive and betray us. Is this concept of following your own heart a good one? This article addresses that question.

One Powerful Spiritual Leader Helps a Religious Leader Who is Humbly Aware of His Great Need

Nicodemus was the top theologian in Israel. He was supposed to have answers for everybody, but he still had a lot to learn and he humbly recognises that by coming to talk with Jesus Christ, the Son of God. In the New Testament book of John we have this amazing spiritual conversation between Nicodemus and Jesus Christ, where Jesus Christ explains to this leader that you must be born again.

Answering This Question Honestly is Vital For Everyone in a Position of Leadership

When attending a Christian Pastors and Leaders day conference a few weeks ago, those present were encouraged to take their people through the book of John, and then through the book of Acts. It is essential that people are grounded in the Word of God.

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