Shawn Bolz Shares His Experience of Visiting 5F Church

The Letter Hey and Its Connection to the Book of Deuteronomy

This article talks more about the letter Hey and its connection to the fifth book of the bible which is the book of Deuteronomy. Also, the meaning of faith will also be talked about in this article.

Everyday Trust and Surrender

It seems we can boil down the living of the faith-life to the simplicity of trust – a paradoxically hard thing to execute. Trust-in-God is just an idea unless it is expressed in surrender. It finds its scope for bearing via pragmatism: surrender is the form of obedience that demonstrates such trust-in-God.

Yielding to Divine Strength – Forsaking Your Own

The article discusses the importance of yielding to divine strength in order to effectively succeed in executing the plan of God for our lives. Divine strength succeeds in all things.

Are You Feeling the Love From Above?

Did you know that God has been loving you since before you were born? God wants to keep loving you now, but you need to do something to keep that connection open. Find out what that is.

Does Our Relationship With Man Affect Our Relationship With God?

What dictates our relationship with God? Do we seek out the golden calf of our times just to have something to worship or do we simply rely on cosmic fate and destiny? Where do we go to increase our faith: fallible man or infallible God? What does it mean to fall out of faith and why does it happen?

Frequently Asked Questions By Those Considering Cremation

If you have been attempting to make the very personal decision of whether to be cremated or buried when you pass, you are likely to agree that it is not exactly something nice to think about. Regardless of this fact however, it is a decision that we will all, at some point, have to make. Many people find the choice difficult not only due to it’s sombre nature but also because they have a number of unanswered questions about the differences between the two.

My Life Changing Spiritual Experience

While waiting for the results of the California State Bar Exam one evening in 1978, I had a deep spiritual experience that would change my life forever. My classical guitar lesson earlier in the day had sharpened my mental skills and put me in touch with my feelings and emotions. The glass of Pinot Noir I had after dinner also relaxed me.

The Kingdom Of Heaven Suffers Violence And The Violent Take It By Force

I am so glad that I have finally understood what it meant by the kingdom of heaven suffers violence and the violent take it by force. For a long time I did not know the exact meaning of it. I know it is scripture because it is in the bible but I had never heard a sermon on it.

Intellectualism About Jesus – Truth for All Series 3

There are millions of books out there, and all the literature is about the need for you to accept or renounce the man Jesus Christ – a deceased Jew as God. There is no doubt that this can present a significant intellectual challenge. It is a statement of fact that many will not even want to be associated with considering such ideas, so that peers will not take them for fools. We sure know that a Jew by that name lived in Israel about the time referenced, but was this the type of man that is recorded in the scriptures?

Beyond All Shame

No matter what people think of God, whether they believe or not, there is the irrefutable fact that there is no shame beyond the reach of God’s grace. Because of what the Saviour, Jesus, has done, no sin known to humankind puts humanity out of the scope of redemption.

Cultivating Fruit of the Spirit

Cultivating the Fruit of the Spirit is about being guided in the Spirit. It requires surrender before God and, therefore, life. We grow or recede; only one or the other.

Impossible Biblical Concepts: The Bible Itself

We have all heard of ‘The Bible’, but that’s really a misnomer. What you have heard about, or have in your home, is ‘a Bible’, not just one copy of many, but one copy of the many versions of the so-called ‘The Bible’. Now the questions to be asked are if there is but one God, therefore but one holy word of God, why are there dozens of different versions with differing texts? And if no one version is more correct than another, then perhaps no one version is correct. All Bibles in all languages are works of fiction!

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