She flew from India to Dubai be Set Free & God Delivered Her

Poker and the Christian – Is It Right For Christians to Play Poker If They Are Making Money?

Is it right for Christians to play poker if they are making money? What if this is my primary source of income? I’m really good at making money and if I quit I won’t be able to pay my bills! Does this argument hold water?

Christening Invitation Verses and Wording

Looking for poems, invitation verses, and suggested wording options for your baby’s christening or baptism? This article will provide you with the perfect ideas for your infant christening invitations.

Jesus Says You Don’t Love Him

Do you love Christ, or do you just say you love Christ? It is not our verbal claims that matter, but how we conduct our lives that prove or disprove our love.

What Does the Bible Say About the End-Times? Here Are the Top 10 Questions and Answers About It

What is the “Rapture”? Is the Rapture the same as the “Second Coming” of Christ? Find answers to your questions about the end times.

In The Time Of Cain, The Origins Of Kingship

Cain was a person that was given great power by these advanced beings to accomplish a very specific purpose, to round up as many humans as he could and drive them like cattle to the mines to mine gold! This was a punishment assignment; this was dangerous and onerous and Cain was being punished. What was his crime?…Murder!

The Winning Relationship

People have a hard time trying to relate with one another. I believe there are several reasons for this difficulty. If we must win the world for Christ, we must be able to relate well with people around us.

Does Your Church or Ministry Accept Donations Online?

Online donations is convenient and paper free. No passing the plate or walking to the front of the church. It’s just easy.

What If I Told You “We Have Entered the Third Day”

You may be questioning the meaning of the title to this article, What If I Told You “We Entered the Third Day”, how could this be relevant to spirituality aside from the story of Christ’s death and resurrection which was thousands of years ago. This is a great question and hopefully I will encapsulate the ideology behind the title. In setting the ideology we must read from the scriptures, which reads; 2 Peter 3:8 “But, beloved, do not forget this one thing, that with the Lord one day is as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day.”

Treasures and Treasures

Treasures mean a lot to everyone. Of course everybody likes something good and not just that it is good but that it is something of worth. Treasure could mean different things to several people. To some it could be cars, to others it could be mansions, to others it could be jewelries…

2012 – The Beginning or the End? Does the Bible Predict The Coming of A New Age?

The Book of Revelations in the bible predicts the world will see a time when everything as we know it will be destroyed. Great Floods, storms and earthquakes will ravage the planet and many people will die. Read more to find out what other predictions have come to light.

Planting a Tree in Memorial – The Jewish View

What does Judaism say about planting a tree as a memorial of a dear one? We find an enigmatic verse, dealing with making war on an enemy, that upon besieging a city it is forbidden to cut down fruit bearing trees.

Acoustic Treatments For Worship Spaces

The space for worship has changed over the years, from the open synagogues at the time of early Christianity to the flying buttresses of gothic cathedrals, to the contemporary evangelical ministries that use amplified music and multimedia presentations. Each of those places of worship indicates their own specific type of acoustical specification. But clearly the requirements for acoustics have changed.

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