She Was Delivered From A Witchcraft Curse!

My Only Hope Is Jesus

My soul is captured one way or the other.. and though I thought I was living according to freewill, I was not.. I was a captive to my freewill, bound to my self and my sin. Only after my own sinfulness overwhelmed me did I finally realize that my only hope is in God’s work on my behalf. And, in surrender to the Holy Spirit, I find rest and peace, love and FREEDOM.

The Object of Our Faith

Is it possible that Christians believe in the devil more than unbelievers? Do the unbelievers go around blaming the devil for the things that go wrong in their lives? Do unbelievers have to go around rebuking the devil before they can start finding the best in life?

Is Seeking God Reserved For Sunday’s Only

This article deals with the frequency we seek after God. It looks at if we are seeking Him diligently enough.

The Gathering Of Fire

I was working on an old van that was running very poorly, when a man who seemed to own everything came up and spoke these words to me – he said “it isn’t running very good is it?” I answered “no but I think I can fix it”.

The Valley of the Shadow of Death – Psalm 23

This psalm is held up as one of the favorites among those who seek the knowledge of truth. While they don’t exactly know what it means it has a ring to it that attracts and words that amaze so what does it actually refer to?

How Should Grace Be Applied?

There is nothing more incongruous than believers who are made righteous by grace to then behave as though they are commissioned to administer law! Does anybody besides myself see the outrageousness of this unholy pairing? In this essay I discuss the real mandate Jesus Christ has given to His followers.

The Religious Right Is Conducting a War on Our Right to Freedom FROM Religion

Billions of people throughout the world subscribe to one or more of the above beliefs. Many also believe in the existence of a Loch Ness monster, Bigfoot, trolls, goblins, fairy godmothers, elves, the efficacy of prayer and so on. Evidently, our president thinks that a god might bless America if he sticks that mantra on the end of a speech. Most such beliefs have little or no effect on those not attached to them. Not so for belief in the political extremism of the Religious Right. This essay depicts the war on freedom FROM religion in America by Christian fundamentalists.

What to Expect (and Not Expect) of Your Pastor

In their role within the community of believers, pastors, perhaps more than anyone else, have a role in a believer’s expectations. Some of these expectations, indeed probably many, are unrealistic and incorrectly oriented. Although at times a pastor is a coach, a counsellor, a mentor, a preacher, or even a friend, it isn’t their primary role. Rather than fixing problems, the pastor is positioned best to illuminate God’s Word and will, and affirm God’s character within the context of their parishioners’ struggle.

Religious Make-Believe Is an Affront to Common Sense

Indoctrinated into the confusion that religions have recreated has brought nothing but mayhem, wars, terrorism and now the end of the world as we know it is pending. Humans do not have the means to correct what is happening as only the Spirit of the Universe can change anything, and it’s about to change everything.

A Servant Is Quiet and Still

A servant-leader first leads themselves before they can lead others. Leadership is not all about being in the front. Sometimes leaders lead from behind the scenes of ministry and within their calling. A servant-leader is quiet. They are seen before they are heard. When we think of leaders, we think of someone always leading forward. We think someone of leadership is always giving the orders and duties to others. This is not so. Some leaders are rarely speak. Some leaders take a back seat and learn from those that are leading in the front. The will of God for some leaders is just to remain faithful and still. A servant is rarely a busy-body. They just serve the needs of the people. They are called on when a leader that’s in the front needs something done. A servant-leader is humble and remains in this position until God exalts them and brings them up. Some people believe and feel that servants are looked over. This is not true. True and real servants that serve from the heart know their rightful position. A servant is quiet and still. A servant doesn’t mind serving. Servants trust God. A servant is true and faithful.

The Christian Civil War

There is a great similarity between the American Civil War and the Christian Civil War. The degrees of opposition may have differed, but the defense of their beliefs was paramount to their life styles.

Who Are the Two Beasts of Revelation?

The Spirit promised that at the end of the day we will known everything. That includes the plan of God and the identity of the two beasts of Revelation.

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