She was Given 1 Year to Live with Terminal Cancer, then God Delivered Her!

Soaring Above the Storm

My spirit is yelling with fury, at the discomforting presence of this bloat of unpleasantries; because he wants to rejoice with your spirit at the permanent walk in the firm foundations of my Lord. Yet my heart sings you praises and rejoices, at the most wonderful of understandings; that no storm is too big, that no battle is too long, because you are with me, and the war has already been won.

The First World Age and the Sacred Secret of Creation – A Scientific Translation of Genesis

The Holy Bible is not flawed as it describes creation and ancient history, but that the understanding of the manuscripts and the subsequent translation of the accepted tradition to English have rendered the scientific and philosophical integrity of the original languages impotent in the argument against Evolution. We will examine the text to determine the validity of the current English translation in light of its inability to fully convey the complex creation concepts documented in the Hebrew Genesis.

Creation of the Universe – Day Seven of God’s Creation

The Bible states that God finished his creation, and he rested on the seventh day and sanctified it. Did the Lord rest because he was weary?

Why the Increase Rate in Divorce Amongst Christians?

It has been estimated that 50% and of every American marriages and 48% of all European marriages lead to divorce. After a survey done some years ago, divorce rates among conservative Christians were significantly higher than for other faith groups and much higher than Atheists and Agnostics experience.

The Church’s Cry – Give Us a King!

All right, so who’s in charge at your church? What’s the Bible say about church government? Here’s some things you may not have considered.

Beware of False Prophets!

A prophet is not a bearer of good news, and does not have the ability to hammer in rapid fire prophesy for everyone as if they were pulled out of a hat or a gift bag. God uses prophesy to build His people, to edify His church. God uses prophesy for correction, for reproof, edification and encouragement. God does not give away prophesies like candy bars, and a prophet who uses the name of the Lord in such manner is not a true prophet, but a prophet of Satan.

Christian Ladies, Don’t Wear Trousers! Says Who?

It is unbelievable to know that some churches (especially the orthodox ones) still condemn the wearing of trousers by ladies. They have so over emphasized on Deuteronomy 22:6. What is this verse really saying about a woman’s outfit?

The Hebrew Old Testament Tradition – The Need For a New Understanding of Genesis

The Following Article is an Excerpt from the Introduction to “The Genesis Revelation,” by Teodoro Rivera. It is a comprehensive examination of the natural sciences and a theoretical approach to a more plausible argument for Creation Science that is grounded in the Ancient Hebrew and Greek Manuscripts.

Miraculous Bees of Saint Rita of Cascia

There are many instances in the lives of the Saints that involve animals. We recount one of them. There is a tradition in Roccaporena, Italy that as an infant, while Saint Rita of Cascia slept in a basket, in the fields where her parents were working, white bees swarmed around her open mouth.

Huge All Race Mens’ Gathering in South Africa

In a country known for its racist apartheid history. A remarkable crowd of more than a quarter a million gathered on a quiet farm in South Africa. They gathered to hear a simple, uneducated farmer who is rapidly becoming known as South Africa’s Billy Graham. Stadiums prepared for the FIFA 2010 World Cup have been filled to capacity to hear this passionate evangelist. Read this to get a new perspective of the role of religion in the new South Africa and further evidence of how faith is breaking down racial barriers.

The Clergy Sabbatical and the Clergy Family

Should the family stay home during the clergy sabbatical? How do you decide? The clergy sabbatical planning process needs to include the clergy spouse and clergy family. Clergy at risk for “burnout” often need to balance their concern for stress at home with concerns about personal and vocational challenges.

What on Earth is Happening May Need to Be Followed by Why is it Happening? Is There a Reason?

At the time of writing there appears to be another panic again gripping Wall Street and Stock markets are tumbling worldwide, and this is probably caused by “contagion”. The pundits have been using these words as if to confuse people who do not fully understand what exactly is going on.

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