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The Christian Faith Is Not Dead!


The Christian Faith Is Not Dead!

Christians are not the only ones who should be more open to the teachings of Christ. It is also good to know what they don’t believe. Many people are resistant to Christianity because they were raised in an environment that was filled with anti-Christian propaganda. These people may be more difficult to convert than people who’ve never heard of Christ. But the good news is that the Christian faith is not dead! Read on to learn about it!

During the early church, the apostles possessed the power to heal people. The Bible tells us that they had the power to cast out demons and cure sickness. But this authority isn’t limited to healing. It also extends to the power of miracles. Jesus gave power over demons and diseases. However, the gifts of healing were not intended to be a guarantee of physical healing. It is better to pray for your health than to pray for healing.

The apostles were commissioned by Jesus to preach the kingdom of heaven is near, heal the sick, raise the dead, and cast demons. These commandments were followed by Jesus’ disciples and were taught in the New Testament. As Christians, we are to follow the commandments of Christ and obey His Word every day. These commandments can be difficult to follow, but they are vital. If we want to become the people Jesus taught, we must follow His commandments to be like Him.

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