The Unholy Road To War

On November 27, 1095, Pope Urban II called for a Holy War to free Jerusalem. While he called for this war to save fellow Christians from their Arab occupiers, he also had called for it for other less known or not so less known reasons. Pope Urban II’s declaration for this Holy moved us away from them Message of Jesus Christ.

Loving God Through Missions!

We came to Belize full of excitement and expectations, knowing God had a magnificent plan for us here, and indeed, His mighty hand did not let us settle in before it started bringing forward one after another a series of what I call Little Miracles. Miracles which most would take for granted but which kept us both jaw dropped and driven.

How To Be A Pastor

I want to talk to you about how to be a pastor. When I say “How to Be a Pastor” I’m not planning on giving you the 6 simple steps to move from parishioner to pastor.

The Faith of the Canaanite Women

We hear so much of the faith of the Canaanite woman. She went to Jesus expecting a healing for her daughter who was vexed with a spirit. Instead her faith is tested to see if she really could trust Jesus for help even when He obviously ignored her.

Christians Must Go to Church!

We also pointed out that many who call themselves Christians do not actually got to Church and therefore, they have difficulty in discovering that either these statements are incomplete or twisted. Every Christian truly needs to fortify himself with the true word of God, irrespective of age or other circumstances.

What the Resurrection Means to Me

Easter Sunday – the day we celebrate the greatest event in human history! I have set out below some reasons as to why the resurrection is such good news. We celebrate the cross and rightly so, but if Jesus had not been resurrected, our faith would be useless, we would be hopeless.

No More ‘Nice Christian’

The subject of anger within Christian circles is an enticing one. In a world that provides so many stimuli for anger, and within our humanity that bonds us to anger as a common emotional response, we can try too hard to live ‘nice’ Christian lives.

Modern Devices and the Loss of Eye to Eye Contact

Modern technology has brought about an interesting phenomenon. Given a choice, young people would rather have a smart phone than a car. What ever happened to face to face encounters?

Knowing God – What Are The Names Of God?

What Is In a Name? In the Bible God uses names to identify people with certain traits and characteristics of their personality. There were many times in the Bible when a person’s character had changed that God changed the name of that person to represent their new character and as we grow in God and become more like him in our walk, talk and actions our name also has been changed.

When the Door (Dalet) Shuts Down

This article encourages people to do the right thing when attending a Sunday church service. It also talks about the connection between those things and the letter Dalet of the Hebrew Alphabet.

The Letter Dalet As the Door of Humility

This article would give you a better understanding about the concept of giving to God. It would also talk about what kind of prosperity God has promised us if only we give what He truly deserves.

Prayer’s Primary Role in Worship

The church that masters prayer, keeping it genuinely central within their worship (which is beyond a Sunday-thing), is the church that finds themselves right and acceptable in the sight of God our Saviour (1 Timothy 2:3). Not all churches can claim this. Some run hot on evangelism; others on a worshipful experience; others again hone in on discipleship. All these are important, but without prayer as the centre of all things, the worship falls flat. All church activities ought to be worshipful. And worship is about God; nothing else.

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