The Faith In Forgiveness

I’m not sure if any of us doubt that sometimes it takes a great deal of emotional strength to forgive, besides times when God miraculously graces us with that power. I would suggest that that strength is faith. Faith, as an action-oriented word, requires us to go forward on our vision, on a hope which remains invisible, in this case to forgive someone for something they have done against us or someone or something we love. Such a task as faith, in the gracious realm of forgiveness, seems a big risk. But if we don’t take that risk we can’t please God, for God is pleased when the act in faith (Hebrews 11:6). When we make the leap toward reconciliation, even if that doesn’t transpire, we know we have done our bit. We have extended our grace. And reconciliation is not cut off because of us.

Treading the Waters to Triumph

We can make anything we like out of the adversities of life but there are two outcomes that count. When we’ve had enough and we admit defeat, the waters roll over us and we are as good as drowned. We know this by our previous defeats. We know that angry encounters, when we could have showed some pluck, are pointless. But when we recognise, with faith, that God is carrying us through this torrent, to cleanse us and make us capable for the next thing, we endure for just another day.

Universalism – Will the Antichrist Also Be Saved?

If all men eventually will be reconciled to God, does that mean the antichrist too will one day be saved? He is, after all, only a man…

3 Models of Christian Mentoring

For those interested in growth over the lifespan there can be no better aid, notwithstanding a relationship with Jesus Christ, than mentoring. When we consider that we either grow or regress in life, it pays to plan for growth. Growth is true success. But growth is such an abstract concept. Because it is impossible to chart our progress, mentoring helps simply chart the journey. It makes nothing of measuring the immeasurable. It works on the observable, on opportunities for strengthening our strengths, and on honing what is identified by the person being mentored as problematic.

Can You Multitask and Smell the Roses?

Time saving devices were supposed to give us more time to enjoy life. Has that happened? Can you multitask and smell the roses at the same time?

Grasping the 2 Biggest Realities of Life

The two biggest realities of life are death and life. Only in dying now to the selfish life can we claim the regenerate life for what’s best ahead. Only when we are renewed, living true life, are we ready to die. Our most important object: to be ready to die.

For Overworked Pastors, a Restful Vacation Takes Preparation

A 2012 study by American Express found that 140 million Americans were planning to travel this summer (as reported on the USA Today Travel blog). Yet in my conversations with clients, what I’m hearing is that if they are planning a vacation (and many aren’t), it’s not something they’re looking forward to.

Revelation Of The Book Of Ruth

The book of Ruth is a beautiful picture of Jesus who is our Redeemer and His provision for His beloved. The entire Old Testament points to our Lord and Savior up until He came in the flesh to redeem mankind back to God but we would have to be spirit filled in order to see these revelations.

The Great Revival Theory

All sin has a demon attached to it, for Jesus cast many a demon from people, the greatest of these was a demon named Legion. Ministers of Christ know that sin is a demonic spirit, and what God has called sin, is sin, what God has called an abomination is still an abomination.

You Have Despised the Poor

The poor in this life depend upon their faith in God for all their needs, for the Lord has chosen the poor, that believe upon Him and His Son, because of their stand in believing the gospel. We must remember that Jesus told us that we would always have the poor among us, simply meaning that no matter what men do or even say they will do, will not eliminate the poverty that many in this life will have to endure.

Universalism – All Nations Will Be Blessed

Language seems to be the main tool for defeating Universalism. Knowing what pronouns mean, and the word “all” are helpful beginnings…

God Is Good And Great!

We hear so much against God these days, the thought might suggest itself that he needs some of his stalwart followers to speak up for him against the sheer volume of heavy criticism. How do we respond to this – does God really need any defence? I shall find an answer for this as we consider how we might know whether God is both good and great, despite the vocal protests to the contrary.

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