She Was Set Free From A DEMONIC SMELL Coming Out Of Her SKIN!

The Corinthian Creed, the Gospels, and the Resurrection of Christ

The creed delivered by the Apostle Paul in 1 Corinthians 15:3-8 suggests a very early date for the proclamation of the resurrection of Jesus. But did the disciples, by making this claim, really believe that they had witnessed something extraordinary happen to Jesus in space and time?

What is the Full Story of Scientology?

What is the overall conceptual story of Scientology? What is Religion? What is this alien material that the media focus on?

Luke 1:26-38, Bible Study Devotion – “Can a Mother’s Son Be Her Father?”

Read Luke 1:26-38. How many features of the person and mission of the promised child can be discerned in the words of the angel? Make a list of them.

Speaking in Tongues Proven For Today

Here is positive proof that speaking in tongues is as valid for today as it was on the Day of Pentecost when the disciples went out boldly speaking in the languages of those nations which had assembled at Jerusalem. This proof lies entirely in what Peter declared in his sermon to that crowd outside the temple.

The Power of Biblical Order

Darkness always loves choas and light brings orders. When God moves, He always establishes order. Learn how understanding the power of biblical order can bring new levels of personal and spiritual achievement to your life.

What is the Best Way to Survive the Lion’s Den?

People react in various ways to the adversity of life’s difficulties but often miss the key solution to emerging unharmed. Daniel was a man who knew what it was like to be thrust into a den of lions; he was also a man who knew the key to getting out unharmed.

Everything You Need to Know About LDS Food Storage

The Church Of Latter Day Saints, along with other religious denominations, actively encourage their members to store food, sometimes up to a year’s supply at a time, but why is this? Is this for religious reasons, carrying on a tradition, or for a practical purpose, preparing for something impending that they believe is coming? Read on to find out more about LDS food storage.

Taking Every Thought Captive in the Struggle Against Depression

The devil seeks to render Christians useless in God’s Kingdom. He uses emotional illnesses such as depression, anxiety disorders and bipolar illness to accomplish his nefarious goals. He does not create our illnesses and disabilities but he employs them to suite his purpose. Our task is to defeat him by remaining obedient to God’s word in Scripture, and by progressively creating a more and more welcoming environment in our thoughts (soul) in which the Holy Spirit can dwell.

Christian Poker Games – Is it Ok For Fun?

Most Christians know that playing poker is wrong. But what if we just play poker for fun? Nobody is losing money so is that ok?

The Church of Christ Elected Unto the New Birth

Election – as defined by Webster’s dictionary – the selection of a person or persons for office by vote. Theologically speaking it is the choice by God of individuals, as for a particular work, or for favor, or salvation into the church of Christ.

Green Camaro

The homeless are all around us – sometimes it is only one small step to change their life. Are you giving anything of yourself? Do you follow your beliefs and inner leading? You never know whose life you might impact.

Easter and a Change of Heart

Americans annually consume 13 billion pills for stress and 16000 tons of aspirin. Research continually reveals that the vast majority, some 90%, of doctor visits are stress related. Fear and anger trigger over one thousand chemical reactions in the human body causing illness and distress.

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