She was Shocked at what she Reaped from Sowing a Seed

Christianity and Haunted Houses – Does the Christian Bible Speak of Haunted Houses?

Why would the God of creation place a plague of leprosy in a house? Furthermore, we wonder at the nature of this plague (hollow strakes of greenish or reddish colors). We also ponder the method of cleaning. But most of all, as Christians, we must ponder the purpose to these scriptures.

Home Church Teaches the Purpose of Temptations

Home church environment is the best for learning how to grow as a Christian. There are many aspects of Christian growth that baffle many young Christians. The reason is simple. God is not complex for the simple believer. He becomes more and more complex for the intelligent and smart person.

Francis Schaeffer Opens the World of Philosophy to Laymen in How Should We Then Live

Apologetics is not new to the Christian world. Paul was one of the first great apologists of the Christian faith, and he has been followed by many great thinkers through the ages. In modern times Francis Schaeffer led the way in training Christians in a Christian worldview.

The Spirit in the Church Today, Part 13

Jesus has now been raised from the dead and is giving His final assignments and promises. Believers, collectively, will cast out demons, speak in tongues, be protected from serpents and poisons, and heal the sick.

The Spirit in the Church Today, Part 12

Jesus promised His own that He would not leave them alone. He Himself would come to them. Not only as returning King, in a body, but as Comforter and Advocate and Friend now. Guaranteed.

Home Church Teaching on Forgiving Other People

Home church teaches that forgiving others is prerequisite for God to forgive us. We need to realize that God is good enough to forgive you.

Home Church Teachings on the Forgiveness of God

The home church is a fertile ground to teach forgiveness. We live in a world full of hurt and grief. Most of the time we carry hurt within ourselves. Most hurts originate from outside of us.

Home Church Teachings on the Gifts of the Holy Spirit

The home church is best suited to teach and practice the gifts of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit gifts each member of the body of Christ to operate in super natural service. This gift is for the purpose of edification. Tongues are especially for the edification of the individuals. Prophecy is given for the edification of the entire church.

Home Church Teaching on Abundance of Material Things

Home church can effectively teach members about the dangers of accumulating material things. What are material things that the bible warns us about?

Don’t Let Worrying Hold You Down

Worry… surely one of the basic banes of humanity. How much time and energy do we spend worrying? Where does it get us? What good does it pose?

Elements of Powerful Praying – Part 1, the Person

What kind of person can approach God confidently? Who can feel at ease talking with Him at any time, in any place and about anything?

The Spirit in the Church Today, Part 9

To be like Jesus. To do what he did, and say what He said. What an awesome thought. So overwhelming to some that it is ignored, replaced by a simpler, easier Jesus. Let’s look again at His words regarding the Spirit.

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