Shocked when Delivered from Addiction Withdrawals

The Thousand Year Reign

Revelation 20 speaks about a thousand year reign that will take place on earth after the first resurrection. All those who have lived a righteous life according to their conscience will wake up during this time and reign with Jesus for a thousand years upon this earth. The Bible makes no mention that anyone will walk upon streets of gold, or that that we will fly away to heaven. Rather, the event takes place right here, on this earth.

Reasons People Refuse Salvation

Christ gave his life that we might be saved. So, why is it that so many people refuse a salvation that was so costly? Some try to eliminate the whole issue of salvation by declaring there is no God but only a “fool has said in his heart, ‘There is no God'”. (Psalm 53:1) Read on to discover why people refuse to become Christians.

When Jesus Died On The Cross, Why Did He Say, “It Is Finished”?

When Jesus died on the cross, why did he say, “It is finished”? Read how some children responded and what the Bible teaches us about the last words of Christ. (John 19:30; Matthew 27:50; Mark 15:37; Luke 23:46; Mark 15:23; Matthew 27:46)

Don’t Take the Shortcut – You Are Being Processed

Manifesting the Vision that God has planted in your heart. Short cuts are not always the right path.

What God Is Not!

God is not perfect and imperfect at the same time.  God is not a convolution of erratic emotions, thrilled when someone does something good and saddened otherwise.  God is not a separate being who is mostly happy but is known to have spells of jealousy and anger.

Now Is The Time To Repent!

Look, I do realise this title sounds a bit blunt, especially to people who like our politically-correct approach to different beliefs. But I need to explain. You see, while many of us live in a postmodern culture where pluralism holds that you are freely entitled to your ideas about the meaning of life, as long as you accept it’s only your opinion and nothing more – do you know what; it hasn’t always been like this?

End Time Russian Roulette – The Danger of a Delayed Commitment to Jesus Christ

Are you willing to play Russian Roulette with your eternal life? People are delaying having children, retirement, and making a decision about commitment to Jesus Christ. Some believe that the timing is not important as long as they speak the right words before they breathe their last. Consider this…

When God Acts: Discipline

Pain and suffering is an unwelcome intruder in anyone’s life. But, our suffering may not be in vain. God may be working in our pain to produce something good and valuable within us.

Tongues of Silver

Miners, speculators, investors and even brides have always prized gold and silver. These precious metals are rare, usable and maintain their value. But there is something else that proves to be as valuable, or even more so, than silver or gold.

How Good Must We Be In Order To Go To Heaven?

It’s often said that a person must be good in order to go to heaven. How can people therefore go to heaven if the Bible teaches that in God’s eyes no one is good?

Traditional Gifts for Christening and Baptism

A Baptism is a Christian process where a child becomes a member of the church. You can be baptized at any age from infant to adult. At the beginning of the services the parents of the child will be welcomed to the church and brought near the front.

Delegating Tasks to the Members of Your Women’s Ministry

If you need to organize a lot of activities and events for your women’s ministry, you may find that it is increasingly difficult to handle all aspects of the planning yourself. Rather than opting to shoulder all the responsibilities of the ministry on your own, it is highly advantageous to delegate certain tasks to your leaders and fellow members. Delegating tasks does not only make it possible for you to complete projects on time, but it will also ensure that the work will be completed to the best possible level.

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