SHOCKING new statue from the UN – End times!?!

Is a Newborn Infant a Sinner?

Why is every person a sinner? Is a newborn baby a sinner? If so, why? What is the remedy to our sin?

1948 Is Not Just A Year, It’s A Refinement

The Bible declares that silver is fine but gold is finer. The Jews were captured and slaughtered twice, once by the Egyptians, once by the Germans, the latter was brutal and barbaric, yet, fulfilling. Gold is purified by fire at 1948 degrees. Israel was purified and rebirthed as finer than silver in 1948!

Every House Has Its Builder, But Out Popped the Universe?

When we admire a beautiful painting, we know a gifted painter is behind the masterpiece. When we drive by a brick house, we know skilled builders must have built it. But when we see a blossoming rose, a rainbow after refreshing spring showers, and eagles soaring amidst blue skies, why do many of us deny a Creator of such magnificence? Do these wonders not far surpass the inventions we mere humans have created? Then how could these finely tuned creations, from the smallest bacteria to the gigantic universe, have come into existence on their own by chance?

Separation of Church and Politics

Most Christians want to go to church to worship and serve, not hear political dogma. Often, however, their attempts to worship are frustrated by religious leaders and/or members who feel that it is important to use the church as a political platform. We are accustomed to hearing news about the Separation of Church and State which is established by the first amendment of our constitution, but we seldom hear anything about ‘Separation of Church and Politics,’ which is unregulated.

The Political Face of Christianity

Over the centuries Christianity has worn some very ugly faces. During the Crusades, Inquisition, and witch hunts Christianity appeared to be made up of intolerant murderers who rounded up anyone who did not agree with them. Clearly current Christians are embarrassed by this dark past.

Third Temple of Israel

The Third Temple of Israel reveals the second coming of Jesus Christ. The dates set in Scripture for the rebuilding of the Third Temple coincide with the dates of the Second Coming of Jesus.

We Chose Adoption

Twice my son’s family has adopted a girl from China. Twice God has blessed me with these precious granddaughters.

Send Out The SOS

One of the hardest things for some Christians to do is to ask for help. When we function as a part of a whole, we need to learn to open ourselves to others.

Solid or Fragile Faith?

Jesus said to build on rock, not sand. What does it mean to build faith on a solid foundation? The Sermon on the Mount points the way.

The Host of Heaven Will Be Dissolved And All Their Host Shall Fall Down (Isaiah 35:4)

If heaven exists then where is it? More to the point where are all those who are supposed to be there? It is part of the great delusion that God has sent to prevent the non-spiritual from becoming spiritual and discovering the truth.

1948 And 1967 Mathematics, How They Add Up

The book of numbers within the Holy Bible is an incredible book, seldom quoted, often left unread, and hardly appreciated. God is one of order, numbers are an important part of His order, and mathematics may be as well.

Break The Commandments, Usher In Terror

The world is positioned for war. Several radical groups across the globe are ushering in terror within cities from Paris to Boston and Texas to Tunisia as the civilized world watches in abject fear, one question arises, WHY?

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