Shocking testimonies in Texas!

Learning To Think

Religion and politics. Somewhere along the history of humanity, these two subjects have become decidedly taboo. It could be because of the fact that discussions of this sort can incite passion within people who hold strong opinions surrounding these topics. I personally see nothing wrong with passion or passionate discussions and have taken great pleasure over the years talking with people who come from many various political and religious spectrums.

Be Bold in Your Love of the Lord

The Bible teaches us to be bold in our faith and speak out against the wrongs in society. It is acceptable for people to proclaim they are Christian and if you look at all the churches in all the cities across America, that is an army of people who say they are Christian. However, it is hard to understand why there is such an acceptance of sin in our society with this number of people who say they love the Lord.

The Rise and Fall of the Old Roman Empire

The rise and fall of the Old Roman Empire will take place in history. It seems that this will happen very shortly; however, no one knows for sure the exact dates. Drugs will play an important role in its rise, and drugs will be one way the emperor of the empire will be able to deceive the whole world.

2 Corinthians – What Can We Learn From This Book of the Bible?

2 Corinthians was written by the apostle Paul. Paul wrote this epistle to the church of Corinth, and it is the eighth book of the New Testament. Some Bible scholars believe that there were more than two epistles written by Paul to the church of Corinth, but 1 Corinthians and 2 Corinthians are the surviving letters we read today.

Does the Old Testament Support Jesus’ Claim to Be the Son of God and the Messiah?

The toughest objections to Jesus as the Messiah have always come from Jewish Rabbis. They claim that a child begotten by God and “born of a virgin” simply doesn’t square with their Old Testament. Was Jesus’ claim to be the Son of God legitimate? This article shows that it was, and that confirmation for Jesus’ claim to be the Son of God comes from the Jewish Old Testament!

It Is Not a Case of a Bad Apple: What the Divine Principle Teaches About the Fall of Adam and Eve

Was the original sin of Adam and Eve the eating of an apple? In this explication of the Divine Principle, what has often been understood as a children’s tale takes on cosmic significance. Did you know that what Adam and Eve really did was to….

The Shape of the Menorah

A seven-branched lamp was lit by Aaron in the Sanctuary every evening. The Torah gives a very detailed description of how the Menorah should be made and the shape of the Menorah was communicated to Moshe in a vision according to Numbers 8:4.

Put Christ Back In Christmas

Two strong anti-Christ movements have been insidiously polluting our society and sadly at times our parish churches: One, Take Christ off the Cross and Two, Remove the Creche and the Baby Jesus. Why hasthe enemy of God been so dedicated to removing these two life-giving symbols? It is said that one of the reasons Lucifer said He would not obey and took One third of the Angels with him, was that God was going to become One of us, One with those He had created – a Creature.

Apathy and Religion

On the subject of religion, it seems that these days there are many who are just plain apathetic. Maybe some of us have lost the desire or the courage or the ability to ask the bigger questions about spirituality. Maybe the controversy surrounding various religions upsets some or perhaps the subject is too confusing, as the beliefs vary so greatly. It’s quite possible that it’s simply easier to take in ‘mind candy’ from Reality TV or Desperate Housewives. There are no risks involved, it takes no effort and we’ll never be challenged. But shouldn’t we ask the bigger questions?

The Really Big Issues – In Five Words – For Gorey, Wexford And The Whole Wide World

I love words that open windows and shine light on the big picture. Of course, that’s because I believe there is a big picture. I know that sounds pretentious, even though I didn’t mean it. Yes, there are big claims in what I am saying and I invite you to think them though. So, wherever you are, whatever you believe, here are some of the really big issues…

Conversations About Hell: Is It Real?

It may surprise you or not that modern churches are still hinging their ideology on the concept that Hell really exists. There are less and less details provided as to what Hell is, (especially in mega-churches that try to appeal to western pop-culture with rock praise bands, fog machines, and front-flipping preachers) but it’s still pretty well-understood that Hell is a place where souls are cast into by an omniscient celestial authority (A.K.A. God) for eternal torture (burning forever) if they do not abide by God’s rule(s). It is a concept that is widespread like a disease, helping produce an overwhelming number of Christians by use of fear and guilt rather than spiritual enrichment.

Place Christ in Christmas Without Retaliation

Placing Christ in Christmas is important, which restores some common sense. Furthermore, there exist a number of reasons why Christ in Christmas including freedom of speech and religion is important.

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