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Liturgical Vestment Colours

The Vestments used in liturgical celebrations in Church are made in various colours for different seasons and feasts. This article explores the purposes of these different colours in today’s Church.

Why Must Christians “Win Souls?” Why “Prostrate” And “Surrender” If God Is Not Egotistic Or Abusive?

Worship is to affirm one’s adoration of the other through exaltation. It derives from ego and manifest through enforced mediocrity. It is given as gratitude and received in a carnal lustful sense of egoistic appreciation. It is an ancient ritual of sorcery, which manifests a dual forced energy.

Law of Attraction Versus Christianity

Many Christians turn their nose up at the law of attraction. Learn how the law of attraction is mentioned in the bible and how it, in fact, is a part of modern day Christianity.

Standing Before the Judgment Seat of Christ

Many of God’s children fall into the trap of judging each other. All sin is wrong. But all do not hold the same scruples about neutral things. Only Christ is qualified to judge. We should put the emphasis where Paul the Apostle puts the emphasis. We should emphasize true righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit.

What Life Will Be Like After Armageddon

Life will be dramatically changed after the battle of Armageddon. This article provides a brief summary of what leads up to the Battle of Armageddon and how life will be changed on earth afterwards.

From Yeshua to Jesus [Part 7 of Many]

All of that makes perfect sense inasmuch as we accept that Yeshua did exist. It makes sense in so far as we believe that this man is the only prototype for a historical Jesus, the one on which Christianity has been founded along with the pagan-inspired trilogy of Father, Son and Holy Spirit, which technically holds Christianity one hair’s breath away from true monotheism.

Baptism Ceremony

In planning for your child’s Baptism, the first sacrament of Initiation, it is important to understand how the ceremony will be conducted. Although various Christian communities may include different steps in the ceremony, many pieces remain the same across all branches of the faith. We provide some important facts about Baptism ceremonies.

The Power of Words

The words that leave our mouth are more than mere words. They can and often do hurt others. This article underscores the power of enriching the lives of others through the things we say.

Sweet Jesus, or Vicious Judge?

Is Jesus really the sweet, harmless lamb as pictured by the world? The Bible presents a very different view of Jesus when He returns to the earth. This article reveals that view.

Christmas Is Coming: Reminders of the First Christmas

Spending a delightful day in mid-November in London, England, it was obvious that the city was preparing for Christmas. The stores, the streets, the advertisements all reminded one that “Christmas is coming.” For me, as a Christian, the decorations all pointed to the first Christmas.

More Evidence That God Exists Therefore Heaven Is For Real

To start with, we must all agree that something cannot be created by nothing – and yet the universe is here. We are here; to me this alone is obvious evidence that God exists and has created everything, that includes heaven… heaven is for real, but to the person that cannot see God, it is not enough.

Psalm 41 – You Will Uphold Me, LORD

Justice is joined to justice in this psalm that ends Book One of five in the biblical Psalms… Despite anxious feelings for those things or people against us, we can have confidence when we target justice for others – particularly advocacy for the poor, indefensible, and needy. Integrity is stayed in faithfulness to God through passage along the narrow path illumined by Light. Stay on that road.

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