Should Christians Take Part in War?

The Church of Man Established (Scarlet Threads – Part Twenty-Four)

The Bible portrays old Jerusalem as the location of first church of God, the New Jerusalem as the final one. It says that Jesus is was and always will be its head. But Rome has other ideas that it promotes…

Rome Borrows From Babylon (Scarlet Threads, Part Twenty-Five)

So much of the modern Babylonian religion is absolutely true. Therein lies the difficulty. Those who have not studied the issue will assume it is all true, and swallow that which is absolutely false. Beware!

Another Church Emerges (Scarlet Threads – Part Twenty-Three)

As power-grabbing unsaved men enter the church and form it in the image of Rome, God’s true power recedes, and the apostasy reigns. An incredible transformation!

Christian in Name Only ( Scarlet Threads – Part Twenty-Seven)

Claims to being a Christian must be backed up by fruit and gifts of the Holy Spirit. What is true of individuals is true of churches. If Christ is not clearly seen, that person or congregation is none of His.

The Church Gets Political (Scarlet Threads – Part Twenty-One)

The church did not die when Constantine took over the reins. There will always be a Body of Christ. But the serious wounds that occurred then have afflicted her ever since.

The Reign of the Popes (Scarlet Threads – Part Twenty-Eight)

Why did the Pope obtain such vast amounts of land over which to rule? One reason was the “false decretals” of Isidore. An incredible story…

A Message of Hope for the Hurting and Downcast – This Message For You

I don’t know what your particular situation is, but I do know that Jesus loves you and came to set you free. How do I know? Because he set me free.

God Favors Our Righteous Cause

This is an article about righteous causes. Can we be sure that God will bless the things that we do? yes, we can be sure if it is according to His word. The Bible said that Jesus went about doing good. He had favor from God and man and if we would imitate what He did then we can be assured of God’s blessing.

Babylon and the Early Church (Scarlet Threads – A History of Mystery Babylon, Part Seventeen)

Early on the church was infested with viruses that threatened its growth and health. The mystery of iniquity and the mystery of Babylon are closely related. Both are to be known only as a reference point, not by experience. Discernment is the gift so needed in the Body of Christ.

Babylon Comes to Rome (Scarlet Threads – A History of Mystery Babylon, Part Thirteen)

What was Rome like before modern Romanism came along? Religiously, it was amazingly similar!

John’s Final Vision of Babylon (Scarlet Threads – A History of Mystery Babylon, Part Nineteen)

What a mystery unfolds before us. Babylon of old, and a new Babylon, both God’s enemies, both to be destroyed.

Is Babylon With Us Now? (Scarlet Threads – A History of Mystery Babylon, Part Eighteen)

If Mystery Babylon is an endtime matter, and if Babylon was an enigma even in the Old Testament days, should we not be able to identify a Babylon in our time? If we do, we must remember to be very careful in our words, for among her ranks are some of God’s choicest saints.

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