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Miracles in Christian History


Miracles in Christian History

Christians believe in the supernatural ministry of Jesus Christ. This ministry was central to Jesus’ life and has been a topic of controversy for centuries. Some churches have tried to ignore or falsify it, while others have actively pursued it. The question of whether it’s real remains unanswered, even though some believers have had experiences that are considered miraculous.

In the nineteenth century, many Protestants experienced an “experience of new birth,” receiving forgiveness from sins. Others experienced the “second blessing” of sanctification, the infilling of the Holy Spirit. This gave them freedom from the power and pollution of sin. In addition to the spiritual benefits, some Christians also believed in the possibility of healing and deliverance from physical illness.

During the Middle Ages, Christians expected healing to be rare. However, church leaders limited the practices of prayer for the sick, including exorcism of demons. In addition, the primary purpose of healing was changed from compassion for the sick to proving a person’s holiness. During this period, healing became a sacrament, and the anointing of the sick with oil became a ritual known as extreme unction. However, it remained limited to those who were close to death.

In Africa, Africans often experience the power of God through miracles. In the Bible, there are many passages that link faith and miracles. Jesus himself commended people who demonstrated their faith. African Christians believe that God still works miracles today.

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