Should Kids Watch The Disney Movie “Turning Red”? Is it DEMONIC?

The Writing of the Bible

It all begins with a collection of ancient writings. The Bible contains 66 individual books that were written by 40 known authors. These books were written over a period of 1,600 years.

Gift of Tongues Given for Prayer

In [1 Corinthians 14.14] “if I pray in a tongue, my spirit prays.” One of the primary uses of the gift of tongues is to “pray in the spirit.” “He that speaketh in a tongue speaketh not unto men, but unto God” [1 Cor 14:2] using the gift of tongues in prayer is one of the blessed side benefits of being baptized in the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit Helps Us to Pray

Paul calls and encourages us to “pray in spirit.” As we shall see this is one sure way to avoid praying “a miss” Paul develops this thought in Romans. He carefully explains to us how the Holy Spirit can help us as we yield to Him when we pray.

The Seven Last Sayings of Jesus

The seven last sayings of Jesus are all of the utmost importance. It is excruciating for Jesus to lift Himself up by the nails in His hands and feet in order to be able to breathe, let alone talk. The final words He has to say to us have a much deeper meaning than they first appear.

Saint Catherine of Siena Goes to Avignon, France

Catherine wrote many letters to the Pope, pleading the case of Florence. It was always as if she were writing to an old friend, very personally, very lovingly, or as to a father, calling him “Babbo Mio,” (my daddy), never intimidated yet respectful of his position. And he, on his part, answered in kind, to a daughter.

God Has a Father’s Heart – A Piece of Good News

The Bible describes the character of God or His attitude/disposition towards His people, including that He has a heart that is like that of a father, that is an ideal or real father’s heart. And it is something that should cause great joy, assurance, encouragement and hope to those that come to God or deal with Him.

The Coming Pandemic That is Going to Result in Over 600 Million Deaths

It is very clear that the swine flu had people worried that this was the coming pandemic that was going to kill a lot of people. The governments, scientists and the spiritual people of the world seem to know that a serious big killer virus is coming very soon. This article is about this subject.

All the Facts About Mormon Food Storage That You Even Wanted to Know

Many denominations of he Christian faith, including Mormonism and the Latter Day Saints, encourage their members to be self sufficient and keep a supply of food in storage, often enough to last for up to a year. But why is this? And how exactly do they do it?

Children of the Lord God – The Peculiar People

Most parents, if not all, hold their children as special and afford them privileges given to no other child or children but their own. As, parents, while loving the off springs of other people your own children have a special niche in your heart. So by virtue of being your off-springs, your children enjoy special benefits and privileges, at your expense, no other children will enjoy because you will not tolerate them to do so.

Christian Weight Loss Scripture – Enjoy Today

God gave us our lives to enjoy, today. Not next week, not next year, but now. So often in our Christian weight loss efforts, we save our joy for the day when we reach our health goal. Or we spend time regretting the actions that led to our weight gain. But Psalm 139:5, the Psalmist gives you a perspective to help you better enjoy your daily life as your work on losing weight and getting healthy.

Apostleship and Followership

There are no Christian spectators. This is why spectator worship is such a crime against the Spirit! Worship that treats the congregation as spectators trains Christians to be blind followers. The congregation must participate in worship, not just watch.

Blessings are Not Like Sneezing

You are at a spiritual retreat in the mountains with others who want to experience a fuller Christian life. For the duration of the retreat everyone has been matched with a mentor. Yours is in her seventies, and she has been touching lives for God longer than you’ve been alive. She has just knelt down to pray. You can’t resist to listen to what she will pray for and to know how she starts her prayer.

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