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Soul After Death – Life For Some Says the Treatise on the Resurrection

Does the soul survive death? Do humans even have a soul and what does having a soul really mean? This article provides some insight from a Gnostic Christianity perspective.

King James Bible – Book of Luke

Need a refresher on the significance of the Book of Luke in the King James Bible and how it can help you in your life? Read our brief overview and revisit the importance of this powerful story.

Is There Really a God Or is it All Baloney?

Is there really a God, or this whole talk about a higher power, or a supreme being all baloney? Imagine that you get on your knees and talk into the air. This is called praying to the person call God; however, you cannot see Him. The Bible itself says that no one has ever seen God at anytime. So what makes a person do such things for a God that they cannot see?

Sex and the Bible – The Book of the Song of Songs

The Song of Songs is the book of the Bible which makes the rest of the Bible real. It would be much harder to have faith in a scriptural tradition which neglected the sensuousness of man’s nature. Though it must have been read with incredulity by many of the early church fathers who thought sensuality was a sin, it was agreed ultimately that it should be retained. So what is it really about?

Who is Still Obedient to a Fourth Century Roman Emperor?

How did a fourth century Roman Emperor leave a lasting impression on Western Civilization? The answer may be closer than you think.

The Christians’ Mini-Creed

Whatever is capable of bringing us into reckoning is also capable of bringing us into ruin. But what will bring us out of the potential peril gallantly is the unyielding will to do what we are little sure of. As Christians, we hold no opposing view.

What Did Jesus Say About God and Heaven? Was Anyone Listing?

You are on this earth to find God. This is the Greatest Gift in the Universe. This right belongs to man in the physical form exclusively.

What Truth Did the Early Church Attempt to Cover Up?

The early Church had a lot to worry about when they convened in 325 AD. One of them was a growing sect that still may be thriving today. Although they tried to extinguish it, you can still find evidence of its existence.

Christians – Learn to Be Contented

Christians must learn to relax with being contented. Put another way, every Christian needs to know the need to be satisfied in every given situation.

Do Not Store Up For Yourselves – Treasures on Earth – Matthew 6:19-21

Jesus is not into the prosperity doctrine. Jesus is into sharing your wealth with the poor and sowing it into the gospel. He does not suggest you get rich in the world’s goods.

But You, When You Fast Anoint Your Head and Wash Your Face – Matthew 6:16-17

Jesus has got a big issue with religious people who are proud and boastful in their religion. He despises long winded prayers, he doesn’t like giving charity before men and he does not like you to advertise the fact that you are fasting.

Nothing Will Be Impossible For You – Become a Super Christian

What if I told you that as a Christian, nothing will be impossible for you as long as you have faith. All you need is faith that Jesus, the Holy Spirit and God all form one being. You simply need to believe that Jesus is God, God is the Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit is Jesus and God combined to make one entity. This might get a little confusing, especially when you start to look at your dog, your cat and the simple housefly. Could these eventually become a Trinity one day? I know what you’re thinking but nothing will be impossible for you once you believe.

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