So This Is Crazy! I Got 7 Kids! On My Dark Days I Always Remind Myself Of This

God and the Lessons of Money – Part 1

God is the one who provides for us. But we seem to only look to him when things are going badly. Here we can find solace for those who have lost greatly but still have faith.

Why Don’t You Shut Up?

Does the title of this article seem rude to you? Some might find it offensive. But since what I am about to share is so critically important, I really needed to get your attention. Sometimes we underestimate just how powerful words can be. People are motivated by the words that they hear and believe. Your own words can change your life.

Love is the Latest Revelation

If Islam proclaims being the last revelation, we believe that the latest revelation is the love of God that will reign in the hearts of men. The authoritarianism of conscience is just an external reality, similar to the materialist world.

Your Life is in Your Mouth!

As Christians we live by every word which proceeds from the mouth of God. But what has been proceeding from my mouth? What if all of heaven is waiting for our words?

The Importance of Your Wiccan Name

Most new Wiccans choose a name for themselves. This is an important decision, and not one to be taken lightly.

Fear Not (1)

One of the most devastating weapons the enemy uses against Christians is the spirit of fear. This weapon is very powerful both in the spiritual as in the physical warfare. Once an enemy succeeds in putting fear in you, then it is only a matter of time before you are defeated.

Love God – How Do You Show Your Love?

This article discusses the idea of loving God. Among the ideas noted are receiving the Word of God, worshiping God, and striving to obey God.

Church in the Community

The Church has to go from isolation and start impacting the community positively. Instead of deciding what the community needs, we need to ask the community what they need. Then decide what God would have us do. The work of the church should not be limited to the worship service, but our ministry must take place during the week. This is because the 1,000s of people we need to reach, do not come to our worship services.

The Open Church

The Open Church is a modernisation and professional approach to the traditional way of street witnessing. In order to get the public’s attention and at the same time give our church some good publicity, that is also presented professionally.

Karma And The Incarnation Principle In Hindu Religion

The Hindu Religion is a big treasure of Golden principles settled by the Great saints who sacrificed their life in research for the benefit of the mankind. The twin beliefs of deeds (karma) and reincarnation (re-birth) are among one of the Hinduism’s many jewels of great knowledge.

In His Presence (3)

WHEN King Solomon finished praying, heaven came down in its fullness. Fire came down from heaven and consumed the sacrifices and God’s glorious presence (Shekinah) filled the temple so much that the priest could not enter into the temple again. The presence of God came down with fire and cloud.

The Traditional Or Contemporary Church Music Controversy

There is a controversy brewing in the Christian community in regards to the style of music offered in a church worship service. There is some debate as to which is more appropriate. Whether you agree or disagree I hope this article will help you decide.

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