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Charismatic Christian Beliefs


Charismatic Christian Beliefs

Charismatic Christian beliefs place the emphasis on evangelism, conversion, and persisting in the faith of the saved, and are inseparable from a belief in the end-times epic battle between the demonic and God. The Devil, after all, does exist, and satanic powers have control of whole nations and seek to sabotage Christian evangelization. A charismatic Christian’s beliefs on the end-times battle are, by definition, charismatic.

Jesus had appointed twelve apostles, and gave them authority to cast out demons and speak with people. They were charged to travel without food, money in their belts, or sandals. They were also commanded to shake off the dust when leaving an unfriendly place. They were also instructed to preach repentance. During these early days, many people believed that Jesus was the Messiah and would bring salvation to the entire world.

Wagner’s critique of evangelicalism was based on his stance toward a more imperialist worldview. Southern Christianity, for instance, rejected the subaltern global position as mission field and as leader of missions. They also emphasized the spiritual strength of subaltern southerners and their advanced knowledge of the demonic. They argued that this was a necessary step to evangelizing the world, albeit in an intolerant manner.

Throughout the New Testament, baptism is a vital part of the Christian faith. Peter told the crowds on the Day of Pentecost that repentance and baptism in the name of Jesus Christ would bring them salvation. The baptism he preached also results in the gift of the Holy Spirit. Ananias, who had followed Peter, exhorted Paul to become baptized. Paul called upon the name of Christ in his baptism.

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