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Miracle Healing in African Christianity

The apostles never did any miracles like feeding the five thousand or walking on water. They were only given the power to cast out demons and heal the sick, but no other miracles. These miracles were to prove that they were messengers of God. They had to establish who was really from God and who was just a fraud. In other words, they were only able to speak for Him. However, they were not able to do any miracles of their own.

Christian leaders today are more focused on evangelism, conversion, and perseverance of the saved than they have ever been. Charismatic Christians believe that they are engaged in a epic end-time battle against the demonic forces. Satan is real, and he is at the heart of every devil attack, and the devil has control over entire nations. This is why they preach the gospel with such conviction and intensity. But how do charismatic Christians do this?

Africans read the Bible in tangible ways. They see God performing miracles as the gospel advances. Miracle healings attest to the power of God and are common in African cultures. Many stories about visions of Jesus result in conversions, protection, and deliverance from attacks. These stories are the basis for Christian outreach to unbelievers. In addition, miracle stories influence the attitudes of Christians toward God. For these reasons, African Christianity has emerged as a popular form of Christianity.

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