What Really Happens at Holy Communion

Every Sunday at our Religious services, we receive some form of Holy Communion, but do we really know about Communion? Do we really comprehend the words that Jesus said the night of His Last Supper?

Can Christians Swear?

Christians should not swear because you cannot control what will happen in the future. Christians should not swear by heaven, earth or anything else.

Are You a Non-Conformist?

Our culture places a tremendous amount of pressure on Christians to “fit in” or to be “politically correct.” GOD wants believers to live a life of righteousness. How can we resist secular influence when we are mocked and ridiculed for our beliefs?

Can Christians Grumble?

Grumbling shows that you don’t trust God. We should not grumble against our circumstances but give thanks to God at all time.

Can Christians Get Angry?

Christians must be patient and not be quick to show anger. We must live in peace together and love one another.

Can Christians Remarry?

The Bible states that remarrying is a sin unless the divorce occurs because of marital unfaithfulness. If you are already remarried, you must remain with your spouse and not divorce. However, you should confess your sin to God and ask him for forgiveness.

The Life, Death and Resurrection of Christ: The Pivotal Point in History, Part 2

The prophecies of the Old Testament looked forward in time to the coming of the Messiah. Looking back at the events surrounding the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus remind us that His time on earth was the pivotal point in history.

The Life, Death and Resurrection of Christ: The Pivotal Point in History, Part 1

History is the story of God’s love expressed through His Son, Jesus Christ. It is really His Story. Everything preceding His arrival looks forward to it.

How to Have the Peace of God

God wants to give us His peace so we can face the challenges of life without anxiety. This article discusses how to experience the peace of God.

What Does The Bible Say About Committing Suicide?

Committing suicide is a sin because you are murdering yourself. The ten commandments forbids us from taking one’s lives (Exodus 20:13).

Distractions To Worship

Worship is all about glorifying God, its starts from the heart and it’s expressed through a lot of ways our lives, singing, praying, dancing, a lifestyle and many other ways of expressing it to God. The idea of worship is that one prostrates himself before a superior being with a sense of respect, fear and awe. A lot of times we come before God and we have a certain way we want him to show up and do certain things in our lives and he usually does the opposite, which always leaves us standing in awe of…

What Is Truth? Open the Door to a Real Reality

What is truth? This question has plagued scholars and philosophers since the beginning of time. What is truth? How does one actually answer that question? One could spend a thousand lifetimes seeking and searching and never really know truth. At least, that is what the world wants us to think! Truth is not complicated; in fact the biggest lie perpetrated by man is the one that tells us that truth hides from us. Really! That’s how people want to live? Denying that they have a nose on their face and toes on their feet? Open your eyes! You know that you have to breathe air to survive and that you lay your head down to sleep when you are tired. There is no secret to what truth is.

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