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The Religion Catering Machine

There are so many nuances that make up what it means to have a “perfect fit”. Websites like e-harmony will take your metrics to find your perfect partner, Pandora radio will take your favorite genres and whip up a perfect playlist. Is it possible to find yourself a perfect religion?

The Coming Culture

In this article, I share what God has showed me regarding the work He is doing and is about to do in the world today. This article talks about the Kingdom reality, which will bring God’s sons and daughters in a different and higher awareness regarding their authority in the Kingdom of God.

Comparing and Contrasting Christianity and Islam

Regardless of the fact that there are several similarities as well as differences between Christianity and Islam, both religions are important in today’s world, which is mirrored in the outstanding number of followers each has collected. The two biggest religions on earth have various differences, but amazingly have so much in common. These two religions are Christianity and Islam.

Is Atheism A Religion? How About Wellness? A Recent Court Ruling May Surprise You

Can non-belief in God be reasonably considered a religion? Most people would likely respond in the negative, but a federal court judge has recently ruled otherwise. You might be surprised at the interesting justification presented for this important ruling.

The Origin of Islam and the Role of Abraham in Religion

Religious organisations insist on training their members to only understand what they put forth. That is why most are deaf and blind to the facts. With brainwashing and pressure from their society and the forces acting on them most cannot hope to understand how and why things like languages and religions developed.

Islam Is the Oldest Religion and Its Roots Were Hidden by Cohorts of 666

The Roman Emperor, Constantine, had the power to change the nature of God from the Spirit of the Universe, the Creator of everything, into a man with three parts that makes no sense. The brainwashing and corruption since has buried the roots of Christianity under layers of confusion, brainwashing, violence, and murder.

The Influence of Constantine and Why He Is 666

There is only one God, the great and powerful Spirit of Creation and of all the universe. To mortal kings this was a thorn in their side as they needed to be seen as the only gods so they could have the power they craved and the control they required. Hiding the truth was uppermost in their minds as they confused, indulged, murdered and stole from their victims.

I Don’t Need Mercy – I Just Need To Be Understood

As older ideas about God retreat into the hazy past, we are fast becoming immune to those older ideas. What I mean is this; once people felt moral failure and a genuine need for God’s mercy and forgiveness. But now most of that thinking has been swept away by the high tide of materialism and secular humanism. Now, whatever people have done to offend society, any true moral guilt has vanished, and so they cry out for human sympathy. In this article, I am briefly exploring this huge change, and whether anything is to be gained from the older way.

Why God Won’t Save the World From Its Impending Disaster

The last days are almost upon us as things are now happening to bring it about. It was in the Plan of God and prophecies were left for those with an ear to hear and an eye to see. Not many, however, fall into this category.

The Fallacy of All Religions

The idea behind them is to keep people in control and exercise power over them by governments who depend on religious convictions for discipline and order. They began with kings who rose up from the ranks of ‘Big Men’ to achieve incredible domination of those who were so beguiled by notions of having a so-called ‘god’ living among them that they readily bowed down to him to make his presence all the more special. It was the beginning of civilisations born of hierarchies and stratified into classes and ranks.

Reactionaries or Initiators

Are Believers reactionaries or initiators? Are we responders or expounders? Do we rely on secularist to define the issues of the day or do we promote the agenda that God desires?

Belated Response of an Ex-Mormon Elder to an LDS Internet Essay, “Translation of the Book of Mormon

What should have been written as a response at the time of the publication of the official LDS Internet essay, “Translation of the Book of Mormon” is contained in the following article. The Mormon essay was written as a Mormon apologetic attempt to cover-over the disdainful response of the Salt Lake City Mormon hierarchy to poignant questions about Mormon history and doctrine posed by many disillusioned Latter-day Saints in Sweden. Led by Hans Mattsson, a former LDS Area General Authority in Sweden, who claimed to be as disturbed, as any rank-and-file Swedish Mormon, by what was read on the Internet about specious Mormon history and doctrine, especially about Joseph Smith and his practice of polygamy and polyandry, and his lust for girls in their early teens, a group of 24 Swedish Mormons met with two Mormon general authorities and an assistant Mormon Church historian in Stockholm, Sweden, in late-November 2010, to offer falsely deceptive assertions that were not, answers to their questions. As a result of the poignant Swedish reaction to the lies told by the Mormon Church about their history and doctrine, another vile attempt at apologetics was presented the LDS Internet essay. Read on…

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