Spirit of DEATH came into him at age TWELVE!

Christian Faith and Miracle Healing


Christian Faith and Miracle Healing

In Christian faith, the human being includes both a body and a soul. According to the Bible, Christ came to save human beings and to raise both body and soul to eternal life. The physical healing that Jesus performed was reported in the gospels, but his ministry is not limited to such medical miracles. In fact, it is only 20 to 11% of the gospel accounts that are devoted to physical healing and exorcisms.

This means that the Church is an outpost of the Kingdom and a witness to it. Eventually, the Kingdom of God will reveal itself throughout creation, and the Church is the first manifestation of that Kingdom. God created the Church to be a bridge between two families, and it is through the Church that God has intended both. To witness to this Kingdom is to proclaim Jesus and the gospel. To accomplish this goal, we must follow Christ and the teachings of Christ.

The Bible describes how Jesus proclaimed the Good News to people. During his first public appearance, Jesus called his twelve apostles, including James, the son of Zebedee, John the Boanerges, and Peter. Afterwards, Jesus appointed a select group of people who would follow him. They included Simon Cananian, Andrew, Philip, and Thomas. The last one, Judas, betrayed Jesus.

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