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Teachings of Christianity

Christianity is a religion that combines the beliefs of ancient Judaism with elements from the dominant culture of the Roman Empire. Sacred texts such as the Jewish Scriptures and the New Testament (the gospels, letters written by early Christian leaders and the Book of Revelation) make up the Christian Bible.


One of the most important teachings in christianity is that of deliverance or healing the sick. Christians believe that God is a good and merciful Father and will heal people physically when they ask Him to do so.

Casting Out Demons

Throughout the bible, we see many examples of people being healed by Jesus. Whether they were lame, blind, raised from the dead or just being given the strength to keep going on, they are all proof that God hears our prayers and will help us overcome any problems we may be facing.

Healing The Sick

In the first century, being a Christian meant that you had to be willing to be persecuted, often for your faith. Despite this, Jesus did a lot of miracles in his life. He healed people of all kinds, walked on water, healed the blind and even raised people from the dead.

In addition to these healings, Jesus also taught that we are to pray for our enemies. He said that we should pray for them so that they may be made well. He also said that it was only by prayer that the demons are driven out of a person. This kind of praying is the best way to build our faith.

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