SPIRITS Cause Distractions – How to FIGHT distractions & laziness

How To Deal With The Tricks Of The Trade And Counterfeits When It Comes To What Men Call Religion

Are you aware of the tricks of the counterfeit trade particularly when it comes to religion and tradition and rituals and rigmarole? We have just had an article in the press where the Anglican or Episcopal Church is planning to remove all male references to Almighty God?

Except There Come A Falling Away First

Paul was gifted to foresee the great apostasy and end of the Church age in II Tim. 4:3-4 where he saw a large part of the laity become infected. He saw it began with the Jewish Christians concerning the “works” of the law and end Centuries later with the free will “works” of Salvation.

Spiritual Warfare – What Every Christian Should Know

Satan will stop at nothing until he has neutralized your effectiveness in the Kingdom of God. St. Peter writes that Satan is as a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour; he can cause physical, mental, and emotional pain and sickness, natural disasters, wars, and in some instances death; he has the power to attack your loved ones, destroy your finances, bring division, persecution, and otherwise wreak havoc in other areas of your life where others are under his deception and influence…

Raising Godly Leaders

In homeschooling, parents often want to train their children to be leaders instead of followers. As we look to the Bible, David always stands out as one we can follow as an example of a godly leader. But what makes David a great leader?

Praise and Worship Leading Discouragement – 4 Reasons to Keep Going!

Praise and worship leading should be a joy, but sometimes it is frustrating, agonizing and discouraging. If you have been praise and worship leading for any length of time, you will certainly be able to relate to what I am saying, but we need to recognize that highs and lows are part of the journey for a worship leader, and we need to be able to not only handle but thrive on all aspects of the ministry.

Our Celestial Sentinels

This article is an honoring of our guardian angels. These adorable heavenly friends that accompany us day and night are often ignored. It is important that the knowledge about our marvelous celestial guardians be imparted to every one especially to our children. Awareness of them will enable us to communicate and seek help from them in times of distress, doubt, and temptation.

A Typical Memorial Card

Memorial card is small in size so we can carry it with us to remember a lost family of friend. These cards are given to friends and family at the time of the removal. Creating these cards is always a hard thing to do, so why do we do it?

The Doctrine of Unconditional Election Explained and Justified

The doctrine of unconditional election is one of the largest platforms for debate within the Christian community. There are those who believe that God has left the choice of each individual’s salvation up to themselves, as to whether or not they will choose to believe and therefore be saved. However, the doctrine of election teaches something quite different. The bible talks frequently of election in the new testament, even using the specific word itself. So the question at hand is not “Does the Bible talk about Election?” but rather “What does the Bible mean when it talks about election?”

Information About Rosary Prayer

One of the most important items in a religion the Roman Catholic is their “Rosary”. They have actually a so called “Rosary Prayer Time”. That is the time where they gather as a family to have a rosary prayer, or if you are far from your family then you could just do it yourself.

Memorizing Bible Verses – Good for Your Brain?

In the South especially, Vacation Bible School is a part of almost every child’s summer, whether their parents regularly attend church or not. Children make crafts, perform skits, sing songs, and, most importantly, memorize Bible verses.

Qualities Arising From Buddhist Meditative Practice

The goal of Buddhism is to decrease and eventually free the mind of attachment, which is the direct cause of dukkha, or suffering. Dukkha is an inherent component of samsara, or the cycle of death and rebirth. This freedom from attachment is therefore the antithesis to samsara, known as nirvana. Nirvana is a “blowing out” of the three fires, each of which represents a specific class of attachment.

An Impartial View of Global Theology

Global theology is a touchy topic. In this article we give an impartial view of global theology and its place in the world.

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