Masonic Symbols – Gavel, Scepter, Kabbalah and the Master of a Lodge of Freemasons

God governs the world by authority and not by force. Were it otherwise, there would be no freedom or rule of law. One is free to be either believing, or unbelieving.

Astonished at the Simplicity of the Gospel

People today often speak of “the historical Jesus” or “the theology” of the gospels. Jesus never did. He never complicated. He never spent hours analyzing. He just told people what God wanted them to know. The apostle Paul wrote to Christians later, warning them before time that as the serpent beguiled Eve in his craftiness, so shall he come to corrupt the simplicity and the purity of their mind that is toward Christ.

Astonished at the Church He Built

Jesus made a simple declaration that is very easy to understand, when He told His apostles, “I will build my Church”. This Church is later described as the kingdom of God, the body of Christ, the household (or family) of God, the temple (or house) of God, and the bride of Christ. Those descriptions of that Church which Jesus built still astonish many people today, but every one of them is right there in the teachings of Jesus Christ!

Women in the Bible (20-Part Series) #1 – Introduction

Each article in this series will focus on one of the female characters in the Bible – including Eve, Rachel, Mary, and so many others – and what she represents. We won’t be talking about their stories as ‘literal history’, and for the most part we won’t be talking about them in terms of the social or ethical lessons they may contain. We’ll be talking about their inner, psychological meaning.

Reformation Through Jesus Christ

The greatest reformation that ever comes to a man or nations comes through the power of Jesus Christ. When a man willingly surrenders his life to the Lord, he is reformed: the same is true for nations. Nothing changes a person like the blood of the risen saviour.

Abortion – Is it the Only Option?

Abortion is the emptying of the pregnant uterus before the 28th week. It can be spontaneous (occurring on its own) or induced (intentional); when it is induced, it means it has been deliberately initiated by a person (qualified or otherwise) for reasons believed to be in the interest of the mother and family.

Faith Without Works is Dead

Faith without action is dead. We can visualize all we want, but without action, it won’t work.

Freemasons History – Tolerance, Brotherly Love and Freedom of Religion in the Fellowcraft Degree

Wikipedia, an Internet dictionary, suggests that the word tolerance is a recent political term used as an antithesis to the word discrimination. That same source goes on to describe tolerance as a word most people would rather avoid using; a word that is evidently universally disliked, because it starkly challenges us to understand that it means much more than merely accepting differing opinions. Freemasons throughout history have made Brotherly Love and Tolerance of Religious Freedom as core tenants of the fraternity as espoused in the Fellowcraft Degree.

Masonic Ring Symbolism – Joshua’s Perambulation of Jericho

“And it came to pass at the seventh time, when the priests blew with trumpets, Joshua said unto the people, Shout; for the Lord hath given you the city.” Jos. 6:16 In his recent book, Lost Secrets of the Sacred Ark, Laurence Gardner hypothesizes that the trumpet represented a powerful fusion force emanating from the Ark of the Covenant. While that may be true, there is presently no way of either confirming or denying that possibility. However, in that the Old Testament, as well as the entirety of the Holy Bible is littered with allegorical tales, it is equally likely that Freemasonry… adopted the allegorical Masonic Ring Symbolism as the foundation for the present day perambulation by candidates in Masonic lodges.

Sunday School – Two Church Crafts to Assist in Your Children’s Church

Crafts are terrific for spicing up any Sunday school class. These two Bible crafts will surely keep your children’s church students alert and ready to learn more!

Children’s Sermons – An Idea to Enhance Your Bible Lessons

The following Sunday school lesson will help to emphasize your children’s sermon about sin. All you need is a chalkboard and a group of eager students.

3 Practical Realities of the Doctrine of the Holy Spirit

If you are like me, talking to people about the role of God’s Spirit is not easy. There is a lot of ignorance and confusion about the presence and power of the Holy Spirit. Here are three teachings about the Holy Spirit that will turn Him from just a religious theory into a practical reality.

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