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The Logos of John 1:1

According to Isa. 57:15 he is the high and lofty One that inhabits eternity. He is above, beyond and outside of time.

I Know What the Scriptures Say, But What Do They Really Mean?

Anyone who can read pretty good can probably read the Bible word for word and maybe they can even make some sense out of it, but do they really understand what they’re reading. I’ve been asking these questions for years now and seem to get the same responses.

Christians Cannot Commit Adultery

If you’re a Christian and believe all of the things written in the Bible as the written word of God and you’re a man or a woman, I’ve got some bad news for you. If you’ve ever looked at another man or woman and thought that they were attractive in a sexual way, there’s a good chance that you have committed a sin and you could find yourself dwelling in purgatory forever.

Did Jesus Christ Really Exist?

Believe it or not, there are a few historical documents from early historians that mentioned a person named to Jesus. Keep in mind that I’m only using the name Jesus, because you’re familiar with this name. The name in the book is not Jesus. Remember that Jesus’ name is Yeshua, if I’m even spelling that correctly.

Some Bible Verses Are Hard to Follow

What do you really do with Bible verses that suggest harming others? I’m not talking about the Bible verses that tell us to love our neighbors and forgive our enemies, I’m talking about the Bible verses that tell us to enforce Biblical law and this would require followers to destroy someone’s life.

God Tells Me To So Why Shouldn’t I?

I think religious followers get this statement confused with a few things. Whenever I ask certain religious people a question that’s a little too difficult to answer, they will often respond with,” God tells me to.”

What? You Don’t “Tithe”? True Christians Don’t Tithe!

A Baptist preacher, who is a great guy and good friend of mine, said to me, “Mike, I don’t understand it. You people in the Churches of Christ only take collections one time a week; you never preach on giving, you don’t pass the collection plate on Wednesday nights, you don’t have church fund-raisers, you don’t raise money like the rest of us…

A One-Man Pastoral System? Not Scriptural!

Let me ask you a simple, honest question? Where is the Scriptural authority for a “one-man pastoral system”? Take an honest, open look at the Bible (Acts 17:11), and here’s what you’ll find…the “one-man pastoral system” isn’t found anywhere in the Word, either in command, example, or principle. Many people just assume that the pattern followed by most of the denominational world is based on Scripture, but in the absence of any scriptural support for the “one-man” leadership structure, it is obviously religious error (Mt. 22:29).

Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque and the Fourth Great Revelation

Margaret Mary Alacoque was before the Blessed Sacrament when the Lord appeared to her, uncovered His Divine Heart and gave her His last Great message. He told her that she could do no better than to return His great love by doing what He asked of her.

Malachi Martin – Priest, Vatican Insider, Author, Rebel

After giving up his priestly vows of poverty and obedience, Malachi Martin wrote more than sixty books. He is considered by many to be the ultimate Vatican insider.

Father Oprah and the Marriage Scandal

The Catholic Church was aghast when Father Oprah married his long time girlfriend of two years who he had managed to keep under wraps. The Miami priest whose photos caused uproar when they were published had to finally acknowledge his girlfriend.

Jesus Christ – His Genealogy (Part IV – God Rules Among Men)

Part IV of this dissertation on the genealogical record of Jesus Christ demonstrates that common notions as that the Matthew and Luke accounts set forth a supposed “legal” lineage and/or some other such lineage are ill-founded and baseless–void of a thorough knowledge of and consideration of the OT scriptures. The ultimate deciding Factor as to which of the two NT records is actually that of the Christ has nothing to do with laws or birthrights. A kind of pre-screening and elimination of one of the sons of King David, however, is key, if not paramount.

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