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Miracles in Christian History


Miracles in Christian History

Throughout Christian history, miracles are a prominent part of the story. The Apostles and other Christians performed miracles to help heal people from physical ailments. Healing is also a charism, a gift that is freely bestowed by God to be used for the benefit of others.

Jesus Christ worked many miracles, including raising the dead. He commanded his disciples to pray for sick people and cast demons out. The Bible describes Satan as a serpent of old, a powerful enemy who deceives the world.

When Satan deceives humanity, it causes many problems. The interior faculties of our bodies are damaged, which blocks communication between us and God. The Bible describes Satan as a liar who will be put into a bottomless pit at the return of Jesus.

In the Middle Ages, many Christians expected healing to be a rarity. They often sacrificed their physical health in order to focus on spiritual practices. The primary purpose of healing shifted from compassion for the sick to proving the holiness of those praying.

In the fourth century, the Church grew rapidly. Over the course of three centuries, the number of Christians skyrocketed from five million to thirty million. This growth was fueled by a series of revivals that spread across the globe.

A number of Protestants reported “new birth” experiences of forgiveness of sins and sanctification. A second blessing is the infilling of the Holy Spirit, which gives believers freedom from the power of sin.

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