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Sunday School Lessons – Make an Impact With These Bible Activities

Over time, it can be challenging coming up with new ways of presenting Sunday school lessons to your class. This article provides two creative and interactive Bible activities for you to try during your next children’s ministry class.

Archangel Metatron – The Supreme Angel of Death, Is Awakening

My wife, Jill, is trance-channelling Archangel Azrael, the Angel of Death. He talks to us about the illusion of truth, in how people today take things at face value and don’t search for the truth, which leads to people believing fictitious stories and media propaganda. Tell a lie to people for long enough, and it becomes accepted, but it may not be the truth.

God Cannot Lie (2)

Nothing can stop the word of God. Joseph believed this so much. As a young man, God had shown him that he was going to be a very great man.

A Church of Baptized Sinners and Crooks and Liars

What has happen to the moral state of our churches. It is hard to recognize a true Bible believing and God fearing church today. The new generation mentality has filtered into the churches and now you can apply the old and new saying “anything goes” to the church as well. Is there any hope in turning a wayward and mislead congregation of people back to God.

What Is the Purpose of Work?

Discover the original purpose of work. Do you know what was the original work assignment? Learn in this article the original design and purpose for work and what is the ideal work environment for you.

The Necessity and Authority of Confessions of Faith – Only Unorthodox Persons & Heretics Oppose Them

Two things can be asked about these [church] confessions: first, their necessity; then, their authority. As to the necessity, we say that it is not absolute, as if the church could not do without them.

Why Are Some Christians So Ignorant of the Enemy?

Does a soldier stand in the middle of a battle field and claim they are safe because the enemy is defeated? No, they fight for their lives against whatever foe comes against them. This is how Christians should be against the enemy that stands before us.

Understanding Ancient Hebrew Scripture Passages

Through studying scripture some Jewish people become confused about the meaning of a verse of passage. By using the references of the Shulchan Aruch and Smicha the Hebrew text can be better understood and followed by the faithful Jewish congregations.

Online Prayer Request

The Wailing Wall of Jerusalem is considered to be the holiest and the most sacred place in this whole world by the Jews. It happens to be the only remaining part of the Mount Temple in Jerusalem that has been destructed by the Romans.

Praying at the Wailing Wall

What is so special about the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem? Many people come to pray to God at this place. The Jewish people consider it to be the most sacred shrine.

Worship – More Than Just a Sing-Along

When did the worship of God become synonymous with singing songs? This article will open the minds of many as to how many opportunities we are given every day to express our worship to Him.

Sunday Is the Most Segregated Day of the Week

Americans are proud of our civil rights progress and, yet, Sunday’s remain our most segregated day of the week. Whether the difference is theological, socio-economic, or simply ethnic, our places of worship are clearly divided between those of like mind and similar backgrounds which usually translates into race. In this particular case, is religious separation a bad thing?

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