They Prophesy a Lie, To Remove You Far From Your Land – And Ye Should Perish – Jeremiah 27:10

People are prone to believe lied rather than the truth. That is why reincarnation is hidden along with many other spiritual gifts that cannot be replicated by religious diehards.

The Decision Is Ours

Many of the trials that we face in life are here for a purpose. These are learning experiences that will help promote spiritual growth.

The Murderer Rising With the Light Kills the Poor and Needy and Is a Thief in the Night (Job 24:14)

Much of the Old Testament cannot be understood because of the contradictions in the New Testament and the favored teaching of it by religious groups. The secrets hidden by God are now being brought into the open as the Spirit works to redeem its own.

I’m Tired Of Thinking!

At times our thoughts perplex us – some weary us. Is there any real point in serious thinking, when I have no way of ever being sure of finding answers to the big issues? Certainly our thinking is about the most complex, conscious thing we will ever do. Here are five questions to help you probe beneath the surface – but be careful what you find!

The Origins of Judaism

The article traces the chequered history of Judaism, identifying eight origins after frequent setbacks (slavery, captivity, subjection to foreign powers etc). It notes particularly the early biblical prediction that Judah would become chief among the twelve tribes of Israel, and the unusual circumstances that led to that happening. It argues, too, that Judaic ceremonies are the origin of many features in Christianity and that its eighth origin will actually be in heaven where the Judaic Messiah Jesus will be king and will rule over spiritual Judahites.

The Mormon Theological Conundrum: The Genesis of the First Mormon God and How Jesus Fits Into It

That old controversy, “Which came first, the chicken or the egg?” is made into a conundrum through Mormon theology, as Mormon apologists sophistically defend the deity that they worship, a resurrected exalted-man father god, with a capital ‘G.’ Joseph Smith set the requirements for mortal Mormon men to be made into gods, with a capital ‘G,’ when he said that a Mormon god must be born into mortality, live according to Mormon laws and commandments, die, be resurrected and, then, be exalted into a god, with a capital ‘G,’ who will be able to make an earth, populate it, and preside over it. So, if a Mormon god, with a capital ‘G,’ has to be born as a mortal being and subsequently die, how did the very first Mormon god come into existence? This essay deals with that issue and the issue of how devout Mormons really think about, and regard, Jesus Christ. Read on for an explication of these very important issues…

The Spirit of God Is in My Nostrils. Job 27:3

Humans are mostly in tune with the here and now with their focus on systems, commerce, work and industry. Only those with the breath of life within look beyond the norm and accept the wonders of the world and God’s glorious gifts.

Where Shall Wisdom Be Found and Where Is the Place of Understanding. Job 28:12

God’s people are trapped behind a wall built by the 2 beasts of Revelation. Old Testament prophecies state, however, that before the end they will be free and all things will be laid bare about the way God has worked to bring this about.

There Is a Path That No Fowl Knows, the Vulture’s Eye Not Seen, Nor Lion’s Whelps Have Trod

The sun-star of Babylon was named Mary and it sits over the world as the chief god while bringing hardship, poverty, wars, disease, and so on. People bless themselves with its chief sign, the cross, and it curses the ground they walk on.

Beloved Benediction

The apostle Paul included many prayers in the letters that he wrote to churches and fellow disciples. Among those prayers were at least sixteen prayers that we might categorize as benedictory prayers. Perhaps the most loved of all the benedictions is the one Paul prayed for the Ephesian church.

Is the Church Relinquishing Its Role in Approaching Moral Injury?

Moral injury is being “treated” by the secular medical profession. Isn’t this an area that traditionally has been that of the church?

The Gift of Evangelism

The Bible tells us that these five-fold ministry gifts are for the “perfecting of the saints” to do the work of the ministry. Based on what we just read, the job of the apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers is to teach, train and equip you as a congregation member…

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