Stop Playing With Satan!

Only Six Days For God To Create An Entire Universe?

Some people would have us believe that the universe was created by God in only six days. Is it true? Is it possible? What does science have to say? See for yourself.

Top 5 Worship Leader Resources

Worship leader resources are all across the internet, but are they all equally as helpful to those leading worship in their local church? If you are starting to lead worship, then you do not need an endless list of new songs, but concise, easy to apply material that you can use starting this Sunday.

Is God Warning America?

What is the secret of America’s great success? America’s freedom and prosperity didn’t happen by chance. We are a nation blessed by God.

Five Questions About Buddhism

Five questions often asked about Buddhism are answered. Questions range from sex to violence, to becoming a Buddhist.

Trapped, Enslaved – And The Path To Freedom!

Some traps are worse than others! To get caught out in a minor argument may be annoying, but you’ll get over it! To be trapped down a deep mineshaft in Chile or a Chinese coalmine, or on the sea bed in a submarine, or even in a crashed automobile, these are something else – horrific and traumatic experiences, depending on whether an escape was possible or not. Then take the rise in human trafficking and the terrible psychological lure and intrigue in the traps that are laid before people and into which they fall.

How Couples Counseling Can Help Your Relationship

Sermons are a wonderful way to educate, motivate, and encourage people on their journey in life. Plenty of sermons have been delivered that have helped multitudes to grow personally and spiritually. Whether you are delivering a series on biblical ways to take control of your emotions or delving into the meat of the Old Testament and its history, sermons are certainly necessary for lectures or corporate gatherings.

My Best New Year’s Resolution

Ever wondered why you keep breaking those resolutions? As Christians, is God’s way of change to resolve to do better?

Can a Christian Lose Their Salvation? What About the Saying ‘Once Saved – Always Saved’?

A lot of people think that a born again Christian cannot lose their salvation, but is this true? What about the saying ‘Once saved – Always Saved’?

A Year of Manifestation (Part 7)

“That night the LORD appeared to Solomon in a dream, and God said, ‘What do you want? Ask, and I will give it to you!” 1 Kings 3:5 God must first manifest to you before you can manifest to the world.

Should You Believe in God? Do You Need to Believe in God? Does Punishment Occur-Happen?

Does punishment exist? Does God punish for bad deeds that occur on Earth? Here is perspective on this, and specifically related to religions.

Do You Wear the Full Armor of God?

As Christians, we are often looking for ways to stand out, for ways to differentiate ourselves from the rest of the world. Not only that, though. We are also looking to protect ourselves from the world. Would you like a unique, edgy way to shield yourself from the secular world? Like Jesus’ disciples, Christians today are called to protect themselves from the world. With so many ways today to express yourself, many apparel companies are not producing the edgy apparel that mirrors the life radical Christians are called to and are living.

Do We Have to Go to Church to Go to Heaven?

Besides asking whether a Christian needs to be baptized, the other question that seems to be asked more and more is, do we need to go to church. I think the reason why this question is coming up more and more, is our present condition in the country, and that is because less people are attending Church than ever before. A lot of people do attend Church regularly, and there are many reasons why they do so, including:

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