The Seven Kings of Revelation Chapter Seventeen Verse Ten

There is much confusion about who are meant with the seven kings in Revelation 17.10. I propose that they are seven forms of government of the Roman empire, five of which are history.

Jesus’ Mother Tongue

There has been much debate about what the native language of Jesus must have been. The most likely answer is that He must have been a polyglot from early youth.

New Testament Authors

The New Testament is the ground upon which Christianity stands and yet its authorship is vague and untested. Its stories are taken from ancient myths and the distorted views and sun-worshiping religions of the time. As long as people can be fooled into believing the ridiculous then the religions that use it will continue to engage in a massive fraud.

Our Enemy’s Most Effective Weapon

The key trap that Satan lays for us is centered on the word “if.” He said to Jesus, “If you are the son of God,” then prove it. Is it not true that we often are found trying to prove to ourselves and others our value, our gifting, or our anointing? Does not the enemy often say to you and me, “If the Lord gave you these promises why are you in the situation you are in now?” Truly, to the degree we begin to respond to the word”if,” we will find our faith diminished and our confusion growing constantly greater. Do we not often seek titles or positions to somehow verify the Lord’s word to us? Do you find yourself dreaming about a particular position or title? If so then you have already subconsciously fallen for this subtle deception. I tell you this, when we fall for this trap there are not enough positions or titles to strengthen our deceived faith. Once we enter that arena we are trapped in a never ending cycle of whoever or whatever I am will never be enough.

The Transfer Of Wealth From Sinners To Believers

Jesus said in Mark 9:23 if you can believe, all things are possible to him who believes. So if you believe that the wealth of the sinner is laid up for the just then it is and you can be one of them that will receive it.

Religion in America

Franklin Graham has said America is a wicked nation. Was he concerned about abortion or gay rights? What makes a godly nation? Saying that it is does not make it so. Printing on our money, In God We Trust does not make it so.

Walk Of Faith: How To Live An Abundant Life

I remember years ago when I would ask the Lord for something, then wait for it but nothing happen and this went on for years Needless to say, I became discouraged and at a point in my life I turned my back on the Lord because my prayers were not answered. I went about trying to do things on my own but that was a grave mistake, which I learned the hard way.

The Law of Life And Destruction

Before I let Him in, I was under a law of lies greed deceit and slavery. Survival is the game and by any means necessary. The rules are made to keep us safe,but twisted so that the wealthy remain rich and break the poor. This law never cared for us, but uses us to gain power and take control. And for the wealthy that tries to help, there reputation is attacked and trodden over by wolves.

Be Sure – Christian Assurance

In an earlier article I discussed the main issue of Christian assurance – true and false. Now in this follow on article I need to look a little more closely at this and add some further clarity. Short articles are great for introducing topics that may then be expanded or developed in subsequent ones.

Miracles Happen Everyday

Working in the spirit leads me to some amazing healing instances that are rarely known of publicly. They involve instant healing of diseases, freedom from jail and execution, release from addiction and the repair of relationships. When the victim is right the problem is resolved.

From ‘Disappointments’ to ‘His Appointments’

In this article I unpack the quote: “It was a pretty remark I read, the other day, of a Christian man who said, ‘I used to have many disappointments, until I changed one letter of the word, and chopped it in two, so that instead of “disappointments,” I read it, “His appointments.”‘ That was a wonderful change, for ‘disappointments’ break your heart, but ‘His appointments’ you accept right cheerily.” – Charles Haddon Spurgeon (1834-1892)

Wisdom Has Given Us An Invitation

Perhaps you are somewhat like I am. That is, the Lord has told you what He wants accomplished and may have even told you why. Yet, try as you might, you have not been able to do it. How frustrating and tiring this can be! For some, you may have decided you cannot do what the Lord has asked and are in the process of giving up. Or maybe you have put it on the back burner for a very long time. Well, dear one, get it off that back burner, drag that dream out and dust if off. For the Lord says, “I will show you how to accomplish it this year if you will walk with my Wisdom.”

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