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Did God Really Do That? The Power of Prayer

Have you ever been in a situation where you needed to ask for God’s help and you don’t know if he really gave it to you? How do you really know, 100% for sure that God actually answers your prayers? I would like you to read this article with an open mind.

Grave Errors About Death (Part 3 of 4)

In Part 2, we discovered that Paul taught that we would go to be with Jesus at His Second Coming, not immediately after we die. In Part 3, we will learn what Jesus Himself said to the thief on the cross regarding when they would be together in Paradise. Did Jesus really say that they would be in Heaven that same day? The answer may surprise you.

Four Things the Bible Has to Say About Childrearing

The Bible gives four key points on raising children. Parents should raise children with a distinct goal in mind–and it’s not necessarily to see them be happy, fulfilled individuals. The Bible mentions one specific task that parents cannot give to another person, no matter how competent that other person is. Beyond that, the Bible talks about discipline and the one thing parents must never ever do to their children.

The Seven Secrets to Unlocking Genuine Greatness in Your Life

The Seven Secrets by John Hagee will teach you how to change your life. You’ll discover what the “secrets” are, and then how to apply them in your life. If you want to change your life, then read this book.

Introduction to Hinduism – World’s Third Largest Religion

Hinduism is the third largest religion worldwide with one billion adherents. Over 900 million followers of Hinduism live on the Indian subcontinent.

Can Science Prove God Doesn’t Exist?

I might not be every Christians favorite spokes person, however, I would like to point something out that I believe in. I do believe that there is a force in the universe somewhere and you can call it God, the infinite Spirit, Krishna or Jehovah but I sincerely believe that our world started from something. When I refer to something, I’m referring to a creator, some entity or being, who is the creator of everything. I have no scientific evidence that would be satisfactory to prove my theory and therefore it remains a theory.

What Matters Most to Jesus? – New Testament

What matters most to Jesus? I keep hearing the word love, love your neighbor and love your enemy as you would love yourself. The God of the Old Testament was more about fear and obedience than love and compassion. That’s a big difference and you should make note of it.

Would You Like to Meet an Angel?

Every since a child I have experienced amazing encounters with angels and luminous beings. They have counseled, inspired, rescued and healed me when needed. The world of goodness and beauty is all around us. When we tap into it, life becomes magical.

What Matters Most to God? – Old Testament

First I like to start with the Old Testament beliefs in God and this would require you to forget about anything that you ever read in the New Testament. What really matters most to God? I’m referring to Jehovah or the God of the Hebrews in the Old Testament.

How Much More Will Your Father Give Who is in Heaven? Matthew 7 Vs 9-11

The Father only wants us to have the best. He is a Holy Father and a loving Father and a better Father than the ones that we had on earth. He doesn’t give us bad things when we ask for good things. He is not a harsh God sitting up there ready to hurt us if we ask for the wrong thing. He only gives us what is best for us.

Ask and it Shall Be Given Unto You, Seek and You Will Find Matthew 7 Vs 7-8

The will of God is that his saints are contented in Him and His ways. God’s will is that we follow what Jesus has to say, live a life that is a shining example of Jesus, and win people into the Kingdom. We all have a destiny on earth and God is fair as he allows even the unsaved to fulfill their destiny and have happiness on earth.

For All These Things the Unsaved Seek Yet the Father Already Knows You Need Them – Matthew 6 Vs 32

The peace and joy of the Lord are freely available to us to set us apart from the unsaved. We should rest in that, and not be concerned about what we drink, eat and what we dress in.

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