The Spirit in the Church Today, Part 25

Paul now answers a question we posed many installments ago: What does it mean to worship God “in the Spirit”? An important question, since the Father is looking for people who will do just that.

The Spirit in the Church Today, Part 24

Did you learn yet that all Christians may prophesy? That’s what Paul the apostle said. Ever tried it?

Easter – Where Religion Finally Dies

A much deeper understanding of the meaning of grace and love and why more religion is not the answer. An inspirational story that illustrates the wonder of being part of the family of God, and the unbelievable promise that it all was given before the world even existed.

What is First Communion?

Are you wondering what exactly the First Communion celebration is about? Are you attending a child’s First Communion? Or maybe you have a child about to celebrate his or her own. Find your answers here.

Can a Home Church Teach Us to Walk in Faith?

Can a home church teach us to walk in faith? There are some in the Pentecostal movements who claim to have the gift of prophecy, word of knowledge and word of wisdom etc., they tell you what God is telling them about you. How much of this is true or false, we do not now. It is true that we should not believe every spirit but test them. Most of us have not grown mature enough to even understand the Bible, eave alone testing the spirit.

What’s in a Name?

The vast majority of Americans with Semitic names probably have no idea of their Semitic origin. How many realize that both Arabs and Jews are Semites? Shem was one of Noah’s three sons who re-populated the earth after the great flood. His descendants include: Elam, Asshur, Arphaxad, Lud, and Aram. The most prominent descendant of Arphaxad is Eber, ancestor of the Hebrews.

Can We Know the Will of God in a Home Church?

Is it possible to know the will of God through a Home Church? Knowing his will is an age old concept. It is relevant to all generation and people. God created us and walked with us. Adam and Eve seemed to have a walk with him in the evenings in the Garden of Eden.

Losing Your Voice BEFORE the End of Your Sermon

A frequent problem that is coming to my attention is the number of ministers, rabbis, those in the clergy, who get in touch with me because of voice loss. For many of these people, they are sometimes losing their voice before the end of the sermon. Unfortunately, microphones are not the answer because in most of these cases, they are using an amplification system.

True and Complete Prayer

It can be shown in the Lord’s Prayer and numerous other Scriptures that true and complete prayer consists of four components: ATTITUDE, COMPASSION, TRUTH and STANDING. ATTITUDE – There are a number of attitudes which enhance prayer: Repentance, humility, joyfulness, patience, thankfulness, selflessness etc. or, conversely, There are a number of attitudes which inhibit prayer: stinginess, anger, selfishness, self-righteousness, self exaltation etc.

Pieces of the Manuscript Found – Song of the Jubilant Israel Completed

Two pieces of the original manuscript are together at last. Background check on the copy displayed in a museum in Israel has confirmed it to be the other half of the piece in New York.

Easter – Living Life With No Regrets

It was the Romans who perfected crucifixion. The pain of being executed on a cross was so horrible a new word was coined to describe it, “excruciating,” literally “out of the cross.” With a nail piercing through the median nerve of both hands, the beam across the shoulders would then be attached to a vertical beam, and then the entire apparatus would be hoisted into the air, wrenching the victim’s arms out of their sockets.

Bible Studies For Christian Small Groups

Are you leading a small group bible study? Do you want to be more effective in your ministry? This article will help you to understand different kinds of studies and styles you can use, as well as other practical guidelines.

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