Strongholds and Demons

The Book of Revelation – Author and Date – Pt 2

As we note in Back to the Future, clearly, the book of Acts and John’s Apocalypse portray the persecution in the early Church coming primarily from Judaism, but after the fall of Jerusalem, persecution came primarily from Rome as Jewish opposition quickly faded into the background. This is not to say Nero did not persecute the Church, for certainly he did, and did so in fulfillment to the prophecies found in Book of Revelation. However, the bigger empire wide persecutions came only in the second century. Indeed there were few persecutions during the reign of Domitian, a fact which of itself would seem to exclude his reign from the setting of Book of Revelation.

End of Days – The World’s End

The end of days are upon us. The wicked are doing all manner of wickedness. Those that are unsaved, or those that have the spirit of anti-Christ, are calling good, evil, and evil, good. They call unrighteousness normal, and acceptable, and the righteousness of believers persecution and bigotry.

Entering the Kingdom of God

To be born again you must first die to self; that old person must die and be reborn. Your first birth was from your earthly parents – your new birth is from your heavenly Father.

What is Profecias Mayas 2012 – The Prophecy of the Mayan Calender!

Sometimes there are facts and sometimes there is utter fiction. While they both may give an individual a run for their money, it is imperative to know and understand where to separate fact from fiction, particularly if it involves the end of the world and other claims made towards the day of reconcilement.

Call Dropped, Lost Signal – “Where You At?”

In today’s world there is so much going on. Especially with the world being in an economic crisis “Recession” it is going to take more than a song and hand clap to sustain us in this endtime. In the midst of every test and trial that we endure the key is you must find yourself in a place with God. How can you find yourself in the place with God, when everything that can go wrong is going wrong?

Who is Mr Gurdjieff? What is the Origin of the Teaching?

The most essential questions pertaining to The Fourth Way Teaching: Who is Mr. Gurdjieff? and What is the origin of the Teaching?

Five Key Elements to Triumph Over Disappointments

Disappointments will always be part of life. How you react to them determines your faith to rely on God for all your needs. Here are five key elements to triumph of your disappointments.

The Many Faces of Mary

Why not another story on Mary? Where is our greatest hope? Where have been our greatest victories? Who really loves you? Who will take care of you if you but reach out and ask for help? If you want to know how much Our Lady loves you, and is there for you, read the chapters of this book.

Popol Vuh – What is it?

Since of late there has been a certain fear which has been hyped up pertaining to the development of events scheduled to occur. 12.21.2012 is one date that has etched itself in everyone’s mind as a day to prepare one’s self for.

12 – 12 – 2012 What Will Happen? What is it? Is it True?

A few years ago, scientists and philosophers gathered together to study the various claims and phenomenon’s that gathered accredited interest from people all around the world which pertained to the Mayan Civilization and the outcome of events which are scheduled to revolve the year 2010. The Mayan tribes have based their roots on the prime factors which are incorporated from the Aztec civilization. Their similarities are indifferent and the extents to which they have proved themselves worthy of worldly claims have been all the more impossible to understand.

The End of the World and 2012

2012 has been called “The end of the World” by moviemakers, Mayan calendar mythmakers, and New Age Revolutionary mystics. But what does the Bible say? Does the Word of God agree with all these end-time prognosticators? Has God revealed the date of the end of the world through mysterious writings on the walls of perfectly preserved pyramids…secret scrolls…ancient articles?

Gurdjieff & Christianity

Was Gurdjieff a Christian? The orientation of the teaching-is it Christian? Entering the new millennium, some fifty years after Mr. Gurdjieff’s passing, it is important to begin to understand the part that Christianity played in his life and in the teaching he brought.

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