Strongholds and Demons

If I Was Looking For the Truth, Should I Ask a Christian?

In my search for the truth, I asked a lot of questions to Christians and they didn’t seem to have the answers that I was looking for. I don’t think it’s a bad idea to ask other Christians for advice on Christianity, but you should be warned. You shouldn’t believe everything that you hear from anyone, especially Christians about Christianity.

Saints Clare and Francis and Christmas

Family, Christmas is and has always been a special time in our lives and the lives of our brothers and sisters who have preceded us, the Saints. Saints Francis and Clare of Assisi were great lovers of Christmas. Francis was actually the one who created the Christmas Creche, or Nativity Scene as we know it today.

Reasons Why the Church Has Not Change the World

The “acid test” of every successful civilization or movement is in its capacity to make lasting and positive impact with respect to changing the world, shaping its politics, economics, social and cultural values and operative dynamics. This is the kind of impact Christ actually expected of the church when he said; “ye are the light of the world and the salt of the earth”.

Why We Will Always Need Religion

It is common these days to meet people who believe that religion is the root of all ills. 9/11 and other terrorist atrocities carried out in the name of faith, the lapses of certain members of the Roman Catholic clergy, as well as a history of spilled blood from the Crusades to the Salem Witch trials, have tainted the name of religion. Nowadays, fundamentalism is down there with paedophilia as a recognised social ill.

The Marxist View of History

If you truly understand the goal of Marxism it is not difficult to see its influence on American culture today. Marx stated in his Economics and Philosophic Manuscripts of 1844, “The entire so-called history of the world is nothing but the creation of man through human labor…” His historical materialism views man as a mere economic unit trapped in a class struggle.

Spirit Beings Are Communicating With World Leaders – And it Isn’t Good Pt 4 of 4

In this final segment of a 4 part series we’ll consider how world leaders are being reached through spiritualism. As you’ll discover, the spirits are promising one world government and the end of capitalism. With the current state of the worlds economies and of world politics…do you think this is worth your attention?

Trials and Tribulations

Anyone who thinks that s/he had a secure standing before the Lord because of baptism needs to think again, and to repent of such presumption, lest s/he fall. Paul had in mind those Corinthian leaders who had opposed him by teaching the wisdom of the world as if it were the wisdom of Christ.

Labeling Religions and How it Damages – Positive Solutions

Labels have potential to damage. Whether it be in the field of psychiatry, as in labeling someone as being ADHD, or “bipolar,” or a child being “special education,” or in the field of religion, labels stick, and they can be hard to shake, and are sometimes used loosely to describe anyone or anything that is a little bit different. A child who is labeled as being ADHD, as an example, or who knows they have been assigned to special education, can loose a little bit of his dignity, self-esteem, or self-effication, that is they begin to think of themselves in terms of the label, and people can start treating that child differently. Other children can use the label to ridicule.

Christian Women Helping Others to Excel

Isn’t it true that every one of us needs a well-rounded life? Our lives need to be in order physically, emotionally, intellectually, spiritually, physiologically as well as psychologically. It is only when this balance is achieved that one can claim to living life to the full.

Teaching Small Groups Effectively

An examination of how to prepare for a small group. The article also includes how to organize the progression of your small group meeting, to be efficient and effective.

The Bible Based Story of Abraham Offers Hope in the Midst of Adversity, Affliction, Loss, and Pain

When you are tempted to think that the troubles of your life are more then you can bear. When perhaps many and varied evils come upon you from “who knows where”, and when you are tempted to ask, “why does the Lord allow all these troubles in my life?” Perhaps, you should take a few minutes and consider the testings of Abraham, the father of our faith.

Gurdjieff & Fritz Peters, Part I

Fritz Peters was only 11 years old when he met Gurdjieff at the Prieure in June 1924. The following month the young boy became Gurdjieff’s “chair-carrier,” following him around the grounds of the chateau, watching out for his safety. Later, “Freets,” as Gurdjieff called him, acted as Gurdjieff’s personal servant, delivering messages, doing errands, cleaning his room. And soon every Tuesday morning the young Fritz-who, when Gurdjieff first asked what he wanted most to know, had answered: “I want to know everything”-was receiving private lessons from Gurdjieff.

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