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What If “Biblical Ecological Economics” is Better Than “Fractional Ecological Economics?”

As I told you in my Redemption article, “Biblical Ecological Economics (B. E. E.) is a system of civil government God has given us to fulfill the ‘dominion principle’ He gave us in Genesis 1:28.” Such a system is powered by the Lord God of Glory and His redeemed ones. “Where the Spirit of the Lord is, you have glorious liberty.”

What If “Biblical Ecological Economics” is Self-Supporting?

Each community is unique. It has its own population count, age groups, family niches. It has different needs. It has its own weak and strong points. It has different sociological backgrounds.

What If a “Biblical Ecological Economics” is Family Orientated?

In this article, I am going to show how “Biblical Ecological Economics” incorporates the family. The first thing is our relationship with God. The only way this will work is to have everyone doing God’s will. This is the reason it is so important we have everyone knowing God in a loving, personal way. The second thing is a people-relational issue. God created everyone in His image and likeness. Because of this, we need to treat people with respect. What would happen if we made the families of the nation the “ruling class?” The answer to this question may surprise you!

What If Rebellion Against God Caused Our “Population Crisis?”

If our “population crisis” is the result of rebellion against God, the answer to this problem would be much different than what the environmentalists are proposing. This is an article that stretches your thinking. It will give you a new way to think about the “overpopulation” problem that is of great concern to some well meaning people. See if this suggestion is a better answer to this problem.

The Existence of God

The existence of God is one thing many folks do not want to talk about today. It is imperative however to talk about this topic as society is decaying and values disappearing. Those who will rather not discuss the ‘God issue’ must face the challenge of discussing the consequences of that decision. Moral decadence, divorce, crimes, rape, hate, terrorism, etc., are a direct result of this abysmal error!

It’s Not Your Battle (4)

Yes, we’re still talking about the immutable principles of waging battles of life – praise, promise and prayer. Last time, we started by explaining the role of praise in overcoming the challenges of life. We said that genuine praise must precede any interaction or relationship with God. Praise is the golden key to God’s presence, favor, power and treasury.

Was Newton Inspired by God on Theory of Gravity – Why Did He Use the Apple As an Example?

What was Newton thinking when he came up with the theory of gravity, and why did he use the Apple to explain his theory? We teach our kids that Newton was sitting under a tree one day and an apple fell on his head, and that’s when he thought of the theory of gravity. It is doubtful that this event actually happened, but it is rather funny.

Potential Jerusalem Marriages

Previously he had dealt with the new circumstance of mixed marriages. Here Paul was addressing another unusual circumstance that First Century Christians had been thrown into. That circumstance was not only the gospel explosion that was growing in the wake of persecution, but the fact of persecution itself.

The Science Cartel Vs. The Bible

Many scientists believe in the Bible. Science does not disprove the Bible, but lack of faith can color the interpretations that some scientists read into findings. Here is support that secular scientists can’t explain.

Cannot Pray the Lords Prayer

Some of us declare that we are Christian. But not all who claim this title truly follow the guidelines and obligations that go with it. In Matthew 6:7, (NCV) Jesus tells us, “And when you pray, don’t be like those people who don’t know God. They continue saying things that mean nothing, thinking that God will hear them because of their many words.”

True Origins of the Christian Son of Man

When Jesus is titled as Son of Man, it means he is Son of Cosmic Man. Cosmic Man is the Supreme Being of the ancient Indo-European theology, and is still the Supreme Being of the Hindus in India. The Christian trinity of God, Son, Holy Spirit, took birth from this Cosmic Man theology still prevalent in India.

Top Three Reasons For Christian Family Counseling

If you think that only non-Christian families face terrifying issues, think again. There are many reasons why families of faith may need to seek help, and Christian family counseling is a great resource for those needing more than Pastoral guidance in their lives.

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