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Miracle Healing and Deliverance – How Charismatic Christians Use the Sacrament of Anointing the Sick to Strengthen Faith and Deliverance

While charismatic Christians focus on evangelism, conversion, and persisting in the faith of those already saved, they know they are in a war with demonic forces. Satan is real and the satanic powers occupy entire nations. They are out to derail the evangelization of the world. So how do charismatic Christians make the battle against demonic forces effective? During the course of this article, we will look at some of the most prominent examples of charismatic Christian practice.

Africans often read the Bible and see the power of God working miracles. As the gospel spreads, they witnessed God working miracles. Miracle healings, protection, and deliverance from attacks attest to the power of God. The stories of Jesus’ visions also led to conversions and protection. Among the African Christians today, evangelism continues to strengthen faith in the power of God. Nevertheless, the African-led churches were not established by European missionaries.

The biblical understanding of the human person includes both the body and soul. Christ’s death and resurrection were aimed at saving the soul and raising the body. The bible uses the word “sozo” to describe bodily resurrection or physical restoration. Throughout the New Testament, the Sacrament of Anointing the Sick brings spiritual strengthening as well as bodily healing. But what makes it so effective? We’ll examine the history of this powerful practice in more detail below.

The apostles were appointed by Jesus, and he gave them authority over unclean spirits. They were to take no food or money in their belts and wear sandals. They were also charged to preach about repentance and the need to seek forgiveness from sin. As they travelled, they encountered a multitude of people who recognized them. As a result, they began teaching the people that they had met. And the disciples were soon followed by a large crowd.

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