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Who Are the House of Israel and Why Are They the Chosen of God?

The Old Testament makes much about this group and proclaims that they shall inherit the restored earth after everyone else is removed from it. Isaiah 57:14 is a plea to remove the stumbling block from the way of God’s people. The commission was given to me to do just that and I found the thing as part of the dark mountains built by religions. The latter were allowed to try the House of Israel and to lock them in prison houses so that they could only find their way out by acknowledging the truth.

What Makes the Great Tribulation Great?

What will the Great Tribulation portend for this age? Will the Church be saved out of it? What must we do to obtain salvation? Who are the true believers in Christ? Shall we be waiting for Jesus return in the rapture? What is the Comforter? Will the Holy Spirit be taken away?

God’s Mountain Is Mt. Zion Built at the End of Days

The dark mountains of religions and the two beasts of Revelation are being overturned as the light of the Spirit has reentered the world. The mountain of God is now replacing them.

True Stories of Reincarnation and Memory of Passage From Life to Life

Reincarnation was hidden by religious leaders and the inventors of false gods and prophets. It threatens the livelihood of those who charge for salvation and knowledge.

Leonardo Da Vinci Discovered the Nervous System and Was Condemned by His Religion

The work of Leonardo da Vinci in the Middle Ages had a profound effect on the development of science. His work on bodies, however, is often overlooked due to his achievement as a great artist.

Reincarnation Memory Proves There Is Nothing Beyond the Grave

The after-life is a place of mystery and intrigue and people believe what they are brainwashed into from a young age. Even when the facts of reincarnation are presented most will prefer to stick with their beliefs that oppose it.Only those with eyes to see and ears to hear will cotton on.

Discrimination Against Women Is Sparked by Religious Prejudice and Male Ego

Prejudice and discrimination against women should be labeled a crime. It is due to the work of the first beast and the second beast who reinstated him.

Bible Verses Declare the Mountain of God Is a Teaching for the Last Days

Everything in the prophecies is coming true including the overthrow of the false gods and their religions. The mountain of God is called Mount Zion and it is being delivered right now.

Bible Verses That Highlight the Controversy and Conspiracy Against God

The end of days is fast approaching and things were promised to be delivered before that time. Among them was the mountain of God called Mt. Zion and from it the voice of a woman will deliver the new teaching that will overturn the lies and reveal the truth.

Does Christmas Celebrate Christ’s Birthday or That of Chrishna, Bacchus, Apollo, or Other Avatars?

Christmas is a festival to the sun and was carried on from the birthday of all avatars who were supposedly born on this day. Christ is the repeat of the story of all of them and a recycled myth from pagan rituals.

Happy Birthday Jesus

Let us not forget the One who gave us the greatest gift the world has ever known. If it wasn’t for the Giver, we would never have the Gift! During this time of the year, let us learn that real giving is not the issuing of material things, but a time of giving of ourselves to each other.

The First Bible and Who Compiled It.

The New Testament has become the main doorway to the beliefs in heaven and hell and the false prophet, Jesus Christ. Following the invention of the latter by Constantine it was meant to prop up the fledgling church and add credibility to its claims.

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