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Saying Yes to the God Who Calls You

Saying yes to the God who calls us is first about obeying his will this present day. We cannot receive what is coming tomorrow until we first do what we must today. Today’s work must be completed first before tomorrow’s work can be added.

4 Prayers for Life Today and Every Day

Not many of us, perhaps, are as intuitive in our prayer life as we would like to be. But, in and about the challenges of life, prayer is a necessity – if we wish to stay on the straight path; the path of godly enlightenment; the path of prophetic revelation as it concerns our personal and interpersonal lives.

Why We Have Mediocre Marriages

Most of us are living half lives. We drift through our days without passion or purpose, worrying and fretting over the mundane details of life. We go through the motions.

Encouragement and Faith While Unemployed

I lost my job 3 years ago. I collected unemployment, worked odd jobs and am currently still in pursuit of something to make a living. I have applied for jobs til I feel like my fingers are crippled from filling in job applications. I am a 52 year old female. I am exhausted. The only thing I wake up to each day is my faith that God will open a door today. This is what I care about. I also care about the many other people who are in my position, and have lost their faith. I am going to share why I still believe God will open a door for me and will open one for you if you keep the faith.

There Is A Civil War Coming In The Church!

The Lord has shown me that there is a Civil War coming to the Church and that it is already upon us. In my opinion there is nothing sadder than civil war. In our own nation it often pitted brother against brother in some of the most horrific and bloody battles our nation has ever seen.

The Significance Of Being The Firstborn Child

You really do not hear much talk about the birthright of a child today mainly because in our culture, it is not important but to the Jewish race, the firstborn is very significant. You might say that we are not under the Old Testament but the New Testament. This is correct but it was the Law that was done away with, not the blessings.

3 Steps to Find Rest When You’re Weary

The bible is clear of the battle that we as believers are engaged in. Thankfully, we are told in Scripture that the battle has been won.

Nullifying Satan’s Myriad Deceptions

The enemy, Satan, kills off many good things, not by mortal wounding, but by inflicting blows to effectiveness. He is depicted as a sniper, cunningly identifying the target and shooting in such a way as to create maximum organ damage without actually making the kill. As a result, he disarms and disables many otherwise willing servants of God. But the reality is even starker…

The Progressive Doctrine of the Fellowship for Divine Illumination

What follows is a short discourse on a chief doctrine of the Fellowship for Divine Illumination called “The Progressive Doctrine.” The Progressive Doctrine has three parts. The first is adapted from the philosophy of the Perfectibilists, who later came to be known as the Bavarian Illuminati.

In Search of Meaning

We are all in search of meaning and never more so than out of our losses, our disappointments, our frustrations. We want to know what life is about when we are bored. There must be more to it! Whilst we live a very short time in comparison to eternity, our days seem eternal, let alone a year or all of them put together. Our life seems long because God has designed us to make meaning out of life, and where there is a struggle over meaning life seems longer than ever.

3 Great Goals – Simplify, Focus, Overcome

To simplify, focus, and overcome is power for the optimisation of the spiritual life. If we want to be transformed, and we should be hungry for it, we are best to simplify life, focus our energies, and overcome all themes present in our lives that are against God.

Why Do Some Choose To Believe In God Without Any Proof?

Many atheists wonder how anyone of any true intelligence could possibly believe in an invisible friend, or fall for the control schemes of religion. Still, what I’ve noticed is that those who are quite religious are not always as unintelligent as one might suppose. In fact, studying religious teachings might actually enhance intelligence in many regards. If you are an atheist you are probably going to want to dismiss this, but let’s talk anyway, we can all debate it later.

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