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The House of Israel Are God’s Children

The House of Israel are those who serve God in a right way. They have power and are being showered with the Spirit in this the end times.

God Is Not in Heaven But Is in the World Around Us and Knows Everything That Goes on

While people think of God as a distant entity who is hard of hearing and has messengers to convey requests the truth is the opposite. The Spirit is here with us at all times and knows and guides everything that goes on.

The Last Days and the Mountain of God

We are in the end times and the promises in the Old Testament are being fulfilled. It involved a large learning curve and several commissions following my reincarnation and messages that have the power to overturn religious lies.

Why The Spiritual Feel Dead in a Religious Church

The dead feeling is hard to ignore when one tries to enter a religious church. It drains you of life and even your taste buds seize up. It is not the place for spiritual people.

The Conspiracy of Constantine Who Is 666 According to Revelation 13:13-18

The Roman world was not about truth; in fact few people are in today’s society. They are mainly concerned with wealth and making money and that requires deceit on the part of many and the evil that it generates. Where profit is to be had nothing should stand in its way according to the thinking of people and governments alike.

Ten Important Attributes of Great Leadership

Many people speak of being a good leader, but there’s a huge gap between what we say and what we do. Jesus said to his disciples, “Follow me and I will make you fishers of men.” (Matthew 4:19) The greatest leader that ever graced the earth was saying to them, “Get behind me. Imitate my actions and you will successfully lead men into the kingdom.” This is the same message that He is speaking to present day disciples.

Bible Claims a Conspiracy Buried the Real God in Lies

There are two opposing books in the bible that speak of the conspiracy against God and the truth. Which one is right and how did the liars get away with it?

How to Remain Focused When Confronted With Opposition

When you are about to cross the threshold of a dream, purpose, or destiny, the enemy will always come with his plan to kill, steal and destroy. This opposition requires us to hold fast to the word of the Lord. When we stand fast, Satan’s best attempt will only be a hindrance and not termination.

Divorce Statistics, How Not To Be One (Part 1)

Jesus made the ultimate sacrifice. When we follow Him, we are also empowered to make necessary sacrifices in our relationships with others, including our spouse. Turbulent times in our marriage are opportunities to practice Philippians 4:13, I can do everything through Christ who gives me strength. This scripture is meant to be practiced and rehearsed again and again – not reduced to just another popular cliche. When we continue to practice, the stronger we become. As a result, when encountering a personal Gethsemane experience, like Jesus, we will be able to say, “Not my will, but Thine be done.”

The Dead Cannot Feel So What Is Eternal Life?

If the dead can’t feel then there can be no eternal life as religions teach. For anyone to have feelings they must be in a body.

God Sent the Captured Spiritual Children to Babylon (Jeremiah 29:20)

Babylon is the place where religious imagination took off in the form of sun worship. It traveled over the world to capture everyone in the trap set by those who reinstated it.

The Prisoners of the Dark Mountains Will Be Free

The ones caught in the lies of religions will be freed if they can see the truth behind the information now being given. It is Mount Zion promised to be delivered at the end of days and by a woman (Micah 4).

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