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Training for Worshipers: Is It Necessary?

Worship is an art and also a lifestyle. Can worship be taught? And how can worshipers be made effective in worship services?

Less Prayer Is More With God

Have you ever been in church or some other place when a person was praying and he did not seem to know when to stop? He would go on and on but your mind would begin to wonder about other things because you became bored with what he was saying. I have been in situations like that and frankly, I was glad when the person finished praying.

New Evangelicalism – A Call To Discernment

In relation to Christian outreach and Church planting ventures it is usual for any who may be getting involved to ask about the nature and beliefs of the church being proposed. There will be a concern to find out about the type of ‘evangelicalism’ that is going to be represented; what range of beliefs and practices will be accommodated. There may be a concern to check or test by Scripture the nature and beliefs of a new church or outreach, as there are doubtless a wide variety of doctrinal emphases. However, the goal of this article is to clarify the main distinctives of ‘new evangelicalism’ or ‘neo-evangelicalism’ as it sometimes called.

The Blessing Of Abraham Gives Us Rights

Do we not love it when we realize that we have a right to something? Yes we love it and we would use it to the fullest without even thinking of scariness. If we would visit our parents home, we would act like it belongs to us because we feel that we have a right to everything in it right? Well it is that way with the blessing of Abraham; we have a right to the blessing because we are the seed of Abraham and heir to the promise.

‘BECAUSE’: Six Simple Reasons For Becoming A Christian

If you found some of the six reasons in an earlier article on this subject a little philosophical, here are six straightforward ones that you may connect with more directly – whoever you may be. BECAUSE ‘all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God’ (Romans 3:23). A deep sense that something has gone wrong is universal to our human condition.

Should American Muslims Be Profiled?

It has been suggested that American Muslims should be profiled in some political circles because of a seeming uptick in home grown terrorism. Ironically, no one suggests that Christians should be similarly profiled when the terror comes from radicals within the Christian community. I wonder why is that?

Embrace The Discipline That Comes From The Lord

When we hear the word discipline, we would most likely become fearful and our first reaction would be to turn the other way and run from it because we associate it with pain. Yes there may be discomfort in discipline but it can also benefit us.

Worldliness Is Not Worth the Trouble

We live in a body that wants to sin; but if we walk and talk in the Spirit deliberate acts of iniquities would be minimum. Not compromising and yielding to the lust of the flesh and walking in spirit is a good witness that when others see you they may be put to shame because you choose not to be influenced by their ungodly and worldly lifestyle.

Pope Francis I And A Chance For Change In The Catholic Church

The article describes newly elected Pope Francis as a man of humility and who stands for economic justice. His appointment gives the church a chance to do more about world wide poverty and even produce much needed changes in the social teachings of the Papacy.

A Lesson From A Lost Lamb

The lone lamb suddenly appeared in the brush and then raced into the high desert running as fast as she could, both dogs close to her heels. Startled and worried, I began to holler for the dogs to return for I thought that the huge herd of sheep must still be up in the mountains where the dogs and I hike several times per week-unless the shepherd is up there with his several hundred sheep.

The Religious Debate of Extraterrestrial Life and the Catholic Church

If you ever listen to late night radio you will note the common conspiracy theory that governments of the world are afraid to reveal their knowledge of extraterrestrials because society would meltdown and people of faith would riot, protest, and cause commotion. Sure, there might be some of that, but humans adapt, societies change, and the Catholic Church could adjust, they’ve done it before, remember when the world was flat? Well, don’t because they’d hoped you forget that little tidbit in the annals of history.

Science, Religion, God, and Superstitious Fictional Fantasy

Recently, I was debating with a Deacon about the possibility of life on other planets. He didn’t have an opinion, but I did say that I didn’t think anyone would have to give up their biblical faith once word got out that we’d found life elsewhere. Why you ask?

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