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A Virgin Will Conceive And Bear A Son – And This Fools Everyone Who Calls Themselves Christian

A virgin birth gets people in, but it also sets up a lot of questions for the intelligent folk who dare question it. The bible is a corrupted document and Jerome is more to blame than anyone for its current state.

The Wall Of The Two Beasts Is Cracked, Ready To Fall

Those trapped behind the barrier are fighting to escape but they are trapped because of the myths and false gods they follow. The Spirit promised to break down the wall at the end of days and it is happening now.

No One Can Describe Heaven Unless They Have Been There

Dreams make up the best part of what heaven apparently looks like. But no one has been there and can speak from experience. What they state, therefore, comes from their minds and the lessons learned from religions.

Revelation Is A Misunderstood Prophesy Due To Corruption And Controversy

The Book of Revelation defies understanding in its present form as it tells two completely different stories. Only the Spirit could reveal the truth and strip away the lies that others inserted into it.

If One Had Three Heads, Are They Different People Or All The Same?

A three headed entity is impossible and people are waking up to the fraud perpetrated by the New Testament and the Catholic Church both of which promote the Trinity God-head. If one tries to work it out with logic then there is no answer as to how it would work.

Jerome The Deceiver And Corrupt Doctor Of The Catholic Church

The New Testament is a book of fiction purposely put up by Jerome to bring order to the religion of Constantine, the Roman Catholic Church. He was part of the conspiracy to hide the real God, the Great Spirit of the Universe, and all of Christianity is based on the book the produced.

How Easy Was It To Add Passages To The Old To Support the New Testament?

At a time when few could read and fewer still could write only scribes employed by kings and religious organisations had access to records. The main ones recorded the actions of kings and promoted their words as law. These monarchs were concerned only with their status as gods that their followers worshiped and followed, even to the battle fields and death. They could not usually read or write because they never had the need.

The Old Testament Reveals The Plan Of God

The world is subjected to the yoke of the Assyrian who has enslaved them to his will. Now the Spirit is back and redeeming its own and those who are of the Spirit are receiving their inheritance.

Lifting the Veil On Religious Origins

The wall of deceit that hides the truth about the real God is part of the ploy that covered the facts in a veil of secrecy and lies. The Spirit promised to lift it at the end of days when all things will be made known.

What American Muslim Anti-Islamophobia Activists Need to Understand About America

American Muslims would benefit from understanding the American tradition and everyone’s constitutional right to have their own opinion, and to speak their mind. I’m not endorsing hate speech, or that people incite violence again others. However, you cannot expect to shut down every critic and everyone who disagrees with you simply by labeling them a bigot or an islamophobe. Not in the USA. It would help if we as American Muslims were not so sensitive. Chasing after every critic is senseless.

Removing The Darkness That Engulfs The World

Darkness is caused by a lack of light but in the spiritual sense it means without the power to see, change, or understand what causes the pain and suffering in the world. It’s also related to ignorance about the real God and why it hid itself? What is the meaning of creation and why are we here?

Christianity Is The Oldest Religion Recycled

Those taken in by religious dogma and the false gods of man’s desire for power cannot hear or see reality. They are blinded by their beliefs and deafened by the threats of hell. The Spirit, however, is now lifting the veil on their origins and removing the darkness they cause.

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