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Religion and Politics Don’t Mix – a Modern Fairy Tale

America is a land of many contradictions possibly born out of her love for freedom. Some are comical while others are harmful. Most go completely un-noticed because they are often voiced and repeated but rarely ever examined or scrutinized. One of the top falsehoods that have become common wisdom is that ‘religion and politics don’t mix.’ Why is this not true?

Do You Love the LORD With All Your Heart, Soul, Mind and Strength?

What does it truly mean to love the LORD with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind and with all your strength? Is the modern Christian really keeping this Commandment?

The Transmutation in Church Seating

Times have changed and the transformation has been slow and steady but pretty significant! Close to 400 years back, it came as no surprise if the churches did not have any chairs. The congregation used to and was more than willing to stand, rather than sit and offer prayers.

Submitting Your Will to God

We all try so hard to control our own lives. Relinquishing our own will and accepting God’s will for our lives is probably the hardest thing we can ever do. It seems we all must go through a lot of pain and sorrow before we ever get to that point.

3 Essentials in Christianity

Important topics with particular relevance to Christianity explored. A concise look at 3 powerful subjects in belief systems and in particular Christianity.

Why Do We Go to Temple and How Does it Help Us?

It becomes easy for a devotee to concentrate in worshiping God in a temple where hundreds of devotees come for the same purpose. The God must be approached with humility, pridelessness, tolerance, simplicity, self control, renunciation of the objects of sense gratification and steadiness. The environment of the temple produces a psychological effect which helps in concentrating on the desired objective.

Hear, O Israel – The Lord is Our God – The Lord is One

Check out this puzzling situation. The world becomes upset with people who deny the Holocaust. In some countries it’s against the law to publicly express doubt that it happened. The condemnation of Hitler and his barbaric slaughter of six million Jews seems almost universal among western nations. However, there is a paradoxical situation that defies any explanation but one.

A Comprehensive Study on Interpreting Scripture – Part I

The average reader must know if the author intends his words to be understood literally or figuratively. The grammatical method is vital to the answer. We know that most figurative language finds its origin in the life and culture of the writer who uses it. In order to distinguish between that which is literal and that which is allegorical the biblical speaker or writer found it necessary and advantageous to start with the familiar and move to the unfamiliar by using comparisons or from the particular to the abstract.

Jesus’ Words – Where They Understood?

Jesus came to this earth to show man the way to God. I do not remember Jesus ever saying, choose a religion, go to church, read the bible, say your prayers, and do not do earthly sins and you will go to heaven. Jesus tried to reveal man’s own folly. Unfortunately Man did not get it and Jesus was stuffed before he he got his entire message out.

Saint Joseph of Cupertino – The Flying Saint

Saint Joseph of Cupertino is commonly known at the flying saint, however, he is also a miracle worker and great saint with many other qualities. Read about his path to Sainthood.

How Long Have You Been Praying to the Wrong God?

My friend, obviously wasn’t ready for my response. He looked like he had just had a small herd of elephants dropped in his front yard. He had obviously never thought of this question and was now confused. That’s when I took the golden opportunity, to ask him a similar question.

Christian Myth – “You Should Be Ashamed of Yourself”

He was shamed on the cross so that we wouldn’t have to be shamed. Just like He was punished for our sins, He also took the shame so that we could life in peace. Isaiah 53:5 says that the punishment necessary to bring us peace was upon Jesus (my paraphrase).

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