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Evangelical Christianity – The Doctrine of Deliverance and Miracle Healing


Evangelical Christianity – The Doctrine of Deliverance and Miracle Healing

Christianity is based on the life and ministry of Jesus of Nazareth. This monotheistic Abrahamic religion has more than two billion followers worldwide. It is considered to be one of the largest religions in the world.

The Church continues the work of Christ in the world. It is a redemptive praxis that is grounded in the earliest Christian traditions and involves the proclamation of the gospel. Christians are to love God and neighbor as themselves. Evangelicals consider this to be a form of inner conviction.

Globalized charismatic Christianity has reinvigorated the militant Christian subject. It has been viewed as a threat to freedoms of conscience. It has been a cause of controversy in modern democratic politics.

American evangelicalism has always been a complex and discursive community. In particular, it has been a diverse group with diverse strategies.

A core group of evangelicals, including Ted Haggard, John Wimber, and George Otis, led the development of the charismatic third wave. These leaders crossed denominational boundaries and developed an apologetics and spiritual praxis.

Charismatic Christians understand that they are involved in an epic end-times battle with demonic powers. They are focused on conversion and persisting in faith in the midst of crisis.

While some evangelicals view this doctrine as unhealthy and scripturally heterodox, others argue that it raises believers to almost God-like stature. Moreover, they claim that Christian prayers can determine the outcome of a cosmological war between God and Satan.

However, they are also accused of absolving individual responsibility for sin. Additionally, the doctrine is criticized for focusing too much on the devil.

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